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Regan v. City of Hammond

United States Seventh Circuit
Constitutional Law, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Affirmed. A local ordinance requiring residential property owners to get a license or hired a licensed contractor to make repairs didn't violate the...
08/19/2019 18-3051

City of Oroville v. Superior Court

Supreme Court of California
Public Utilities, Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Reversed. A dental practice contended that the City of Oroville was liable under an inverse condemnation claim because of damage suffered when raw...
08/15/2019 S243247

Ranch at the Falls LLC v. O'Neal

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Property Law & Real Estate
Reversed and remanded. The trial court entered a judgment in favor of Plaintiff who sought to quiet title to two easements within a residential...
07/31/2019 B283986

Cleveland Nat. Forest Foundation v. County of San Diego

California Court of Appeal
Property Law & Real Estate, Administrative Law
Reversed and remanded. Defendant, County Board of Supervisors, adopted a resolution approving a tentative map to develop a certain property that had...
07/25/2019 D073744

People v. North River Insurance Co.

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Property Law & Real Estate, Landlord Tenant Law
Reversed and trial court directed to vacate forfeiture. Defendant provided a bail bond for Chirinos who failed to appear for his court date and the...
07/22/2019 H045228

Hollywoodians Encouraging Rental Opp. v. City of L.A.

California Court of Appeal
Landlord Tenant Law, Civil Procedure, Property Law & Real Estate
Affirmed judgment denying writ of mandate. Plaintiff brought suit to prevent a certain property from being removed from the rental market using the...
07/22/2019 B285553

US v. Butt

United States Fifth Circuit
Property Law & Real Estate, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed in part, vacated in part, and remanded. A man convicted of mail fraud had electronics and cash seized by the government following his...
07/15/2019 18-20131

Gale v. Chicago Title Insurance Company

United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure, Insurance Law, Property Law & Real Estate
Affirmed. Plaintiff, a Connecticut attorney, sued Defendants, a group of title insurance companies, for violating a Connecticut law that allows only...
07/09/2019 17-3497-cv

Pangea Capital Management, LLC v. Lakian

United States Second Circuit
Debt Collection, Property Law & Real Estate, Family Law
Affirmed. Defendant is a divorced spouse who holds an interest in property that Plaintiff obtained a judgment lien against the other spouse’s...
07/03/2019 17-3209

John Priester, Jr., et al v. JP Morgan Chase Bank,

United States Fifth Circuit
Property Law & Real Estate, Banking Law
Affirmed. Plaintiff sought to vacate the final judgment dismissing their claims to avoid a home-equity lien based on a change in the law. Trial court...
07/01/2019 18-40127