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Supreme Court of California - August 2018 Opinion Summaries


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People v. C.B.

Supreme Court of California
Criminal Law & Procedure, Juvenile Law, Constitutional Law
Held that juvenile offenders were not entitled to have their DNA samples removed from the California Department of Justice's databank. Two juveniles...
08/30/2018 S237801

Sheppard, Mullin, Richter and Hampton, LLP v. J-M Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Supreme Court of California
Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Attorney's Fees
Held that a dispute over legal fees should not have been submitted to arbitration because the arbitration clause in the parties' agreement was...
08/30/2018 S232946

Citizens for Fair REU Rates v. City of Redding

Supreme Court of California
Public Utilities, Government Law, Tax Law
Held that a city's practice of annually transferring funds from a city-operated electric utility to the city's general fund did not run afoul of the...
08/27/2018 S224779

Kim v. Toyota Motor Corp.

Supreme Court of California
Evidence, Product Liability, Injury & Tort Law
Held that a defendant in a product liability action could introduce industry custom-and-practice evidence. The plaintiff, who alleged that he was...
08/27/2018 S232754

People v. Gonzales

Supreme Court of California
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Held that a defendant who was convicted of several counts of forgery was eligible to have those felonies reclassified as misdemeanors. The defendant...
08/27/2018 S240044

City of Morgan Hill v. Bushey

Supreme Court of California
Elections, Property Law & Real Estate, Construction
Remanded for further proceedings to address whether a citizens group could put a referendum on a local ballot to challenge a zoning ordinance...
08/23/2018 S243042

King v. CompPartners, Inc.

Supreme Court of California
Labor & Employment Law, Injury & Tort Law, Workers' Compensation
Affirmed the dismissal of an employee's negligence suit against a workers' compensation utilization review management company. The employee claimed...
08/23/2018 S232197

Connor v. First Student, Inc.

Supreme Court of California
Consumer Protection Law, Transportation, Labor & Employment Law
Held that bus drivers could proceed with their suit alleging that they were not adequately notified of background checks conducted on them. The...
08/20/2018 S229428

Bianka M. v. Superior Court (Gladys M.)

Supreme Court of California
Immigration Law, Family Law
Held that an immigrant child's father in Honduras did not have to be joined as a party in her parentage action seeking special immigrant juvenile...
08/16/2018 S233757

People v. Powell

Supreme Court of California
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed a conviction and death sentence for first-degree murder with special circumstances of rape, torture, and mayhem. The defendant raised...
08/13/2018 S137730
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