Description Date Docket #
Allied Concrete and Supply Co. v. Baker
United States Ninth Circuit
Construction, Transportation, Labor & Employment Law
Held that California did not violate the Equal Protection Clause when it adopted a 2015 amendment that conferred prevailing-wage protections on...
09/20/2018 16-56546
Fikre v. FBI
United States Ninth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Civil Rights, Transportation
Held that a plaintiff could proceed with his claim that the Federal Bureau of Investigation violated his due process rights by placing him on the No...
09/20/2018 16-36072
BNSF Railway Co. v. California Department of Tax and Fee Administration
United States Ninth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Tax Law, Transportation
Affirmed the entry of a preliminary injunction preventing California from implementing Senate Bill 84, which requires railroads to collect fees from...
09/13/2018 16-17130
California Trucking Association v. Su
United States Ninth Circuit
Transportation, Labor & Employment Law
Affirmed the dismissal of a trucking industry trade group's lawsuit seeking a declaration that the California Labor Commissioner is not permitted to...
09/10/2018 17-55133
Newark Cab Association v. City of Newark
United States Third Circuit
Constitutional Law, Government Law, Transportation
Affirmed the dismissal of taxi operators' constitutional challenge to an agreement that the City of Newark entered into with the ride-sharing service...
08/20/2018 17-1358
Connor v. First Student, Inc.
Supreme Court of California
Consumer Protection Law, Transportation, Labor & Employment Law
Held that bus drivers could proceed with their suit alleging that they were not adequately notified of background checks conducted on them. The...
08/20/2018 S229428
Hall v. Department of Motor Vehicles
California Court of Appeal
Transportation, Attorney's Fees
Affirmed that a motorist was not entitled to an award of attorney fees because he did not prevail in his lawsuit against the California Department of...
08/15/2018 D072278
Amir v. Superior Court (the People)
California Court of Appeal
Transportation, Criminal Law & Procedure
Held that a motorist who received a speeding ticket in Lancaster in Los Angeles County had a right to be tried in the City of Los Angeles. The...
08/14/2018 BS 173665
California Dept. of Industrial Relations v. California Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board (AC Transit)
California Court of Appeal
Labor & Employment Law, Health Law, Transportation
Remanded for reconsideration of whether non-air-conditioned buses must comply with occupational-safety standards relating to heat illness prevention....
08/13/2018 A142799
Holzhauer v. Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District
United States Ninth Circuit
Admiralty, Transportation, Injury & Tort Law
Held that a boat owner was not liable under maritime law for causing his recreational speedboat to crash into a passenger ferry. The wife of an...
08/10/2018 16-15942

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