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United States Fourth Circuit - March 2018 Opinion Summaries


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US v. Townsend

United States Fourth Circuit
Affirming the district court dismissal of a convict's motion challenging the lawfulness of his sentence under the Armed Career Criminal Act because...
03/30/2018 166443.P

Continental Casualty Company v. Amerisure Insurance Company

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Insurance Law, Attorney's Fees
Affirming in part, vacating in part, and remanding the case of an insurance coverage dispute, agreeing that Amerisure improperly relied on a policy...
03/29/2018 171149.P

Burkhart v. Grigsby

United States Fourth Circuit
Property Law & Real Estate, Bankruptcy Law, Civil Procedure
Reversing a bankruptcy court's refusal to strip valueless liens from a Chapter 13 debtor's principal residence where no proof of claims had been filed...
03/29/2018 161971.P

US v. Landersman

United States Fourth Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirming convictions of the former Director of Intelligence for the Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy and a machinist for criminal conspiracy and the...
03/28/2018 164066.P

Coley v. DirectTV, Inc.

United States Fourth Circuit
Debt Collection, Corporation & Enterprise Law
Affirming the district court's ruling holding a man liable for a fraudulent scheme involving the unauthorized transmission of DIRECTV's television...
03/28/2018 161920.P

Sanchez v. Sessions

United States Fourth Circuit
Immigration Law, Administrative Law, Civil Procedure
Denying a petition for the review of a case in which Maryland state police officers learned, during a traffic stop, that a man had entered the country...
03/27/2018 162330.P

Keena v. Groupon, Inc.

United States Fourth Circuit
Class Actions, Civil Procedure
Dismissing the appeal of a putative class action suit in which a woman complaining about Groupon and their use of Groupon Bucks had her complaint...
03/27/2018 161873.P

The Walter E. Campbell Company, Inc. v. United States Fire Insurance Company

United States Fourth Circuit
Insurance Law, Injury & Tort Law
Declining to consider or certify questions regarding the scope and limit of insurers' duties to defend and indemnify their insured in past, pending,...
03/26/2018 171585.P

Jimenez Cedillo v. Sessions

United States Fourth Circuit
Sentencing, Immigration Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Granting a petition for review and remanding the order of removal of a Mexican national by the Board of Immigration Appeals who had been convicted of...
03/20/2018 171477.P

US v. McCollum

United States Fourth Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Vacating and remanding the conviction of a man for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon because the court improperly applied a sentencing...
03/20/2018 174296.P
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