Description Date Docket #
CSX Transportation, Inc. v. South Carolina Dep't of Revenue
United States Fourth Circuit
Property Law & Real Estate, Transportation, Tax Law
In an action brought under the Railroad Revitalization and Regulatory Reform Act of 1976 (4-R Act), 49 U.S.C. section 11501(b)(4), concerning the...
03/17/2017 16-1726
Mediterranean Shipping Co. v. Best Tire Recycling, Inc.
United States First Circuit
Transportation, Admiralty, Contracts
In a dispute arising out of a contract for the shipment of used tires from Puerto Rico to Vietnam, which accrued demurrage charges, port storage...
02/06/2017 15-2482
Alaska Airlines Inc. v. Schurke
United States Ninth Circuit
Transportation, Labor & Employment Law
In a labor lawsuit involving the a flight attendant's claim under the Washington Family Care Act brought by an airline, the district court's grant of...
01/26/2017 13-35574
Connors v. Nat'l Transp. Safety Bd.
United States Ninth Circuit
Transportation, Administrative Law
In a petition for review of an NTSB decision affirming an order of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) revoking petitioner's aircraft...
01/04/2017 15-70333
Turturro v. City of New York
Court of Appeals of New York
Transportation, Injury & Tort Law, Government Law
In an injury and tort action, brought against defendant city after twelve-year old plaintiff was seriously injured in a collision involving a speeding...
12/22/2016 No. 196
Japanese Village, LLC v. Fed. Transit Admin.
United States Ninth Circuit
Transportation, Environmental Law
In a suit brought against suit federal and local transit agencies and officials under the National Environmental Policy Act, alleging that defendants'...
12/06/2016 14-56837
Oregon Coast Scenic R.R., LLC v. State of Oregon Dep't of State Lands
United States Ninth Circuit
Transportation, Administrative Law, Environmental Law
In an action to enforce a state environmental law in connection with railroad repair work, the district court's judgment in favor of government agency...
11/23/2016 14-35414
East Sacramento Partnership for a Livable City v. City of Sacramento
California Court of Appeal
Transportation, Property Law & Real Estate, Environmental Law
In an environmental action, challenging defendant Sacramento's approval of a project to construct a 328-unit residential development, the trial...
11/07/2016 C079614
Friends of The East Hampton Airport,Inc v. Town of East Hampton
United States Second Circuit
Transportation, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Administrative Law
In a suit challenging a Town's regulation of flights at a local airport by adopting noise and access restrictions at the airport, the District Court...
11/04/2016 15-2334-cv(L)
Flock v. US Dep't of Transp.
United States First Circuit
Transportation, Administrative Law, Government Law
In a suit brought a group of drivers who allege that disseminating certain information contained in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration...
10/21/2016 15-2310

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