Description Date Docket #
Barna v. Board of School Directors of the Panther Valley School District
United States Third Circuit
Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Education Law
Affirming in part, vacating in part, and remanding a case involving a man banned from attending school board meetings due to his threatening and...
12/07/2017 15-3904
M. v. Falmouth School Department
United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Education Law
Affirming the district court's denial of a motion to amend the complaint following the return of a case to district court because the appeals court's...
11/13/2017 17-1612
R.E.B. v. State of Hawaii Department of Education
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Rights, Education Law
Affirming in part the district court's affirmation of an administrative officer's determination that an autistic student protected by the Individuals...
09/13/2017 14-15895
Rachel H. v. Department of Education, State of Hawaii
United States Ninth Circuit
Education Law
Affirming the grant of summary judgment by the district court to the Hawaii Department of Education in a case under the Individuals with Disabilities...
08/29/2017 14-16382
M.R.; J.R., Parents of Minor Child E.R. v. Ridley School District
United States Third Circuit
Attorney's Fees, Education Law
Reversing the District Court's denial of attorney fees in the case of parents who unsuccessfully challenged a school district's proposed educational...
08/22/2017 16-2465
Leiman v. ACLU
United States Fourth Circuit
Education Law, Civil Rights
Affirming the district court's decision stating that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act does not require a school system to instruct...
08/14/2017 151977.P
Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board
United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Education Law
Remanding the case of a transgender student fighting school bathroom policies because the plaintiff had graduated during the pendency of the case to...
08/02/2017 152056R2.P
Window Rock Unified School District v. Nez
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Education Law, Labor & Employment Law
Reversing the district court's decision enjoining tribal forum proceedings in employment-related claims against two Arizona public school districts...
06/28/2017 13-16259
Hardie v. NCAA
United States Ninth Circuit
Sports Law, Education Law, Constitutional Law, Civil Rights
In an action by an African American seeking to establish disparate-impact discrimination in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)'s...
06/27/2017 15-55576
Johnson v. Perry
United States Second Circuit
Civil Rights, Sports Law, Injury & Tort Law, Education Law, Constitutional Law
In a suit against a principal-defendant of a private high school brought by a student's parent-plainitff, alleging that plaintiff's First Amendment...
06/08/2017 15-3671

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