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DeJoria v. Maghreb Petroleum Exploration, S.A.

United States Fifth Circuit
International Law, Judgement Enforcement, Civil Procedure
Affirmed. The district court was within its discretion to deny recognition to a Moroccan judgment against a haircare and liqour tycoon in a lawsuit...
08/15/2019 18-50348

The Nat. Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry v. California Guild

California Court of Appeal
Judgement Enforcement, Civil Procedure
Affirmed order disqualifying the Ellis Law Group. This is one of three related cases. The issue was whether the Ellis Group can be disqualified from...
08/13/2019 C085210

ClipperJet Inc. v. Tyson

California Court of Appeal
Judgement Enforcement, Civil Procedure
Affirmed. Defendant attempted to remove the case to federal court but was denied. A second attempt for removal was made by a co-defendant using the...
08/07/2019 G055491

People v. Pearson

California Court of Appeal
Sentencing, Judgement Enforcement
Affirmed. Defendants previously appealed this case and the appellate court upheld the convictions, but remanded for sentencing to allow trial court...
07/31/2019 B293953

Cole v. Hammond

California Court of Appeal
Judgement Enforcement, Attorney's Fees, Landlord Tenant Law
Reversed. In a landlord-tenant action that had languished for several years, Defendant moved for mandatory dismissal for failure to bring the case to...
07/24/2019 B292331

Severson & Werson v. Sephery-Fard

California Court of Appeal
Judgement Enforcement, Injury & Tort Law
Reversed. Plaintiff filed a petition for a workplace violence restraining order against Defendant using the mandatory Judicial Council form. The trial...
07/24/2019 H045161

Monster Energy Co. v. Schechter

Supreme Court of California
Judgement Enforcement, Injury & Tort Law
Reversed appeal court ruling. The parties entered into a confidential settlement agreement following a tort action. Plaintiff alleged that Defendant,...
07/11/2019 S251392

Newstart Real Estate Investment LLC v. Huang

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Sanctions, Judgement Enforcement
Affirmed. Plaintiff appealed from orders denying its attempts to collect on a judgement against Defendant and the imposition of sanctions. The trial...
07/03/2019 B292417

People v. Sup. Ct

California Court of Appeal
Judgement Enforcement, Civil Procedure, Judges & Judiciary
Vacated order denying peremptory challenge. Plaintiff sought writ of mandate commanding the trial court honor a peremptory challenge they filed...
06/27/2019 E072283

Ortega v. Maricopa County

United States Ninth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Immigration Law, Judgement Enforcement
Affirmed a second supplemental injunction barring Maricopa County, Arizona, from racially profiling Latino drivers and passengers under the guise of...
07/31/2018 16-16661
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