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United States Fourth Circuit - July 2016 Opinion Summaries


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N.C. State Conference v. McCrory

United States Fourth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Elections, Government Law
In consolidated cases which challenge provisions of a recently enacted North Carolina election law, the District Court's rejection of contentions...
07/29/2016 16-1468

Sea 'B' Mining Co. v. Addison

United States Fourth Circuit
Government Benefits, Health Law, Administrative Law
In a petition for review, in an underlying case in which claimant applied for benefits under the Black Lung Benefits Act, 30 U.S.C. sections 901-944,...
07/29/2016 14-2324

Clark v. Cartledge

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Habeas Corpus, Criminal Law & Procedure
A document filed by a pro se litigant as an extension of time to request a certificate of appealability qualifies as the notice of appeal required by...
07/12/2016 15-6248

Williams v. Lendmark Financial Services

United States Fourth Circuit
Consumer Protection Law, Banking Law
In action challenging, under Maryland's Credit Grantor Closed End Credit Provisions (CLEC), Md. Code Ann., Com. Law section 12-1001 et seq., the...
07/08/2016 15-1976

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition v. US Army Corps of Engineers

United States Fourth Circuit
Water Law, Environmental Law
In an action challenging the adequacy of the environmental review conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers before it issued a permit pursuant to...
07/08/2016 14-2129

Commonwealth of Virginia ex rel. Hunter Labs. v. Commonwealth of Virginia

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Health Law, Injury & Tort Law, Government Law
In a settled qui tam action against multiple medical laboratory businesses, alleging that the medical laboratories had submitted false claims to the...
07/08/2016 15-1484

Brickey v. Hall

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law
In a suit under 42 U.S.C. section 1983 for retaliatory discharge in violation of the First Amendment, brought by a plaintiff who was fired for...
07/08/2016 14-1910

Lawson v. Union County Clerk of Court

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law
In a former court clerk's challenge to her termination on First Amendment grounds, the District Court's grant of summary judgment to plaintiff,...
07/08/2016 14-2360

Alvarez v. Lynch

United States Fourth Circuit
Immigration Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
In a petition for review of a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) decision finding him ineligible for cancellation of removal, the petition is denied...
07/07/2016 15-1599

Guessous v. Fairview Property Investments

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law
In a suit alleging 42 U.S.C. section 1981 claims for race discrimination hostile work environment and retaliation and Title VII of the Civil Rights...
07/06/2016 15-1055
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