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Supreme Court of California - January 2016 Opinion Summaries


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Monterey Penin. Water Mgmt Dist. v. P.U.C.

Supreme Court of California
Public Utilities, Water Law, Administrative Law
In an action against a public agency, which imposed a fee on a public utility's customers for work it had undertaken to mitigate environmental damage...
01/25/2016 S208838

People v. Johnson

Supreme Court of California
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
In an automatic appeal of a death sentence for conviction of first degree murder, Penal Code section 187(a), with special circumstances that the...
01/21/2016 S178272

Coker v. JPMorgan Chase Bank

Supreme Court of California
Property Law & Real Estate, Banking Law
The antideficiency protection of Code of Civil Procedure section 580b, which states that when an individual borrows money from a bank to buy a home...
01/21/2016 S213137

People v. Arroyo

Supreme Court of California
Juvenile Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
The Gang Violence and Juvenile Crime Prevention Act of 1998, which was adopted as part of Welfare and Institutions Code section 707(d) and allows...
01/14/2016 S219178
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