Description Date Docket #
Di Biase v. SPX Corporation
United States Fourth Circuit
Labor & Employment Law, ERISA, Civil Procedure
Affirming and remanding for further proceedings the case of retirees from a corporation and their labor union appealing the district court's denial of...
09/28/2017 152340.P
Salyers v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
United States Ninth Circuit
Insurance Law, ERISA
Reversing the district court's entry of judgment for an insurance company that denied payment of full ERISA death benefits when the deceased's spouse...
09/20/2017 15-56371
Dowling v. Pension Plan for Salaried Employees of Union Pacific Corporation and Affiliates
United States Third Circuit
ERISA, Contracts
Affirming the decision of a retirement plan administrator, affirmed by the district court, interpreting an ambiguous retirement plan who provided the...
09/15/2017 16-1977
King v. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois
United States Ninth Circuit
Insurance Law, Health Law, ERISA
Reversing the district court grant of summary judgment in the case of a welfare benefit plan that denied a woman coverage when a back infection...
09/08/2017 15-55880
Brown v. Rawlings Financial Services, LLC
United States Second Circuit
Affirming a district court dismissal of claims that a financial services company failed to comply in a timely manner to the plaintiff's requests for...
08/22/2017 16-3748-cv
Shaibi v. Berryhill
United States Ninth Circuit
ERISA, Administrative Law
Affirming the denial of an application for disability insurance benefits under Title II of the Social Security Act because the Administrative Law...
08/22/2017 15-16849
Williby v. AETNA Life Insurance Co.
California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, ERISA
Vacating and remanding a decision by the district court that an ERISA claimant's termination of benefits upon a finding that the recipient was not...
08/15/2017 15-56394
Retirement Committee of Dak Americas LLC v. Brewer
United States Fourth Circuit
Labor & Employment Law, ERISA
Partially affirming and partially vacating a decision awarding summary judgment to the plaintiffs and denying defendants' cross motion for summary...
08/14/2017 161574.P
Groden v. N&D Transportation Co., Inc.
United States First Circuit
ERISA, Civil Procedure
Vacating and remanding an ERISA case where the district court dismissed the case and denied a motion for post-judgment relief because subject matter...
08/02/2017 15-2553P.01A
Mull v. Motion Picture Industry Health Plan
United States Ninth Circuit
Vacating the district court's grant of summary judgment to the plaintiffs in an ERISA action because the Summary Plan Description and Motion Picture...
08/01/2017 15-56246

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