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Capp v. County of San Diego

Civil Rights
Affirmed in part, reversed in part. The complaint did not plausibly allege Plaintiff was placed on the Child Abuse Central Index as retaliation....
08/30/2019 18-55119

Jeffra v. Cal. State Lottery

Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Labor & Employment Law
Affirmed. Plaintiff was an investigator employed by the California State Lottery. He sued Defendant alleging retaliation in violation of the...
08/29/2019 B292775

Gilmore v. Lockhard

Civil Rights
Reversed & remanded. The panel held that a party need not satisfy the good cause or extraordinary circumstances standard provided in 28 U.S.C. Section...
08/28/2019 17-15636

Collins v. Thurmond

Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Education Law
Affirmed in part. Reversed in part. Plaintiffs sued a number of defendants that included both local and state entities for causes of action alleging...
08/28/2019 F075781

Wilson v. City of Southlake

Civil Rights, Civil Procedure
Vacated and remanded. An Americans with Disabilities Act claim should not have been dismissed at the summary judgment phase because there were issues...
08/28/2019 18-10342

Chaidez v. Ford Motor Company

Civil Procedure, Labor & Employment Law, Administrative Law, Civil Rights
Vacated and remanded. The district court dismissal of a suit for failure to exhaust remedies was vacated because the claims of discrimination had been...
08/28/2019 18-2753

US v. Town of Colorado City

Civil Rights
Affirmed. The panel held that the district court correctly interpreted the statute to allow for respondeat superior liability, and further held that...
08/26/2019 17-16472

Bird v. Hawaii

Civil Rights
Affirmed. Plaintiff had knowledge of the injury by May 2013, and in applying Hawaii’s two-year statute of limitations the panel found her complaint is...
08/23/2019 17-16076

Edmon v. Corizon, Inc.

Civil Rights
Affirmed. The panel credited the district court’s factual findings as logical and well-supported and held that the responsible prison authorities were...
08/23/2019 19-35017

Tommie Lee Harris v. K. Harris

Civil Rights
Reversed and remanded. A state prisoner’s in forma pauperis status was revoked because he had three prior strikes under the Prison Litigation Reform...
08/21/2019 16-55083
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