Description Date Docket #
Berardelli v. Allied Services Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
United States Third Circuit
Civil Rights, Education Law
Held that the federal Rehabilitation Act generally requires that individuals with disabilities be permitted to be accompanied by their service...
08/14/2018 17-1469
Sexual Minorities Uganda v. Lively
United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, International Law
Held that a defendant who won a summary judgment motion could not appeal to challenge unflattering statements found in the trial judge's opinion. In...
08/10/2018 17-1593
Carlson v. University of New England
United States First Circuit
Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law
Reinstated a university professor's claims that she was retaliated against in violation of Title VII and the Maine Human Rights Act. The professor...
08/10/2018 17-1792
Manning v. Caldwell
United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law
Rejected a constitutional challenge to Virginia's interdiction statute, under which a person can be civilly designated a habitual drunkard and subject...
08/09/2018 17-1320
Rodriguez v. Swartz
United States Ninth Circuit
Injury & Tort Law, Civil Rights, Immigration Law
Held that a U.S. Border Patrol agent did not have qualified immunity for allegedly shooting and killing a teenage Mexican citizen walking down a...
08/07/2018 15-16410
McDonough v. Smith
United States Second Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Civil Rights, Elections
Affirmed that a district attorney was not liable for malicious prosecution or fabrication of evidence. This lawsuit was brought by the former...
08/03/2018 17‐296‐cv
Pena v. Lindley
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law
Affirmed summary judgment in favor of California in an action challenging three provisions of the state's Unsafe Handgun Act. Gun owners and gun...
08/03/2018 15-15449
Hernandez v. City of San Jose
United States Ninth Circuit
Injury & Tort Law, Government Law, Civil Rights
Affirmed the denial of qualified immunity to the city police officers and dismissed the City of San Jose's appeal. A group of attendees of a political...
07/27/2018 17-15576
Micheo-Acevedo v. Stericycle of Puerto Rico, Inc.
United States First Circuit
Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law
Affirmed summary judgment which had denied an employee's Title VII gender discrimination and retaliation claims. A field sales representative for a...
07/27/2018 17-1431
Mielo v. Steak 'N Shake Operations, Inc.
United States Third Circuit
Civil Rights, Class Actions
Reversed the certification of a class in a lawsuit alleging that a restaurant chain violated the Americans with Disabilities Act because its parking...
07/26/2018 17-2678

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