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Cohen v. Kabbalah Centre International Inc.
California Court of Appeal
Tax-exempt Organizations, Injury & Tort Law
Held that a woman who made a sizeable donation to a San Diego spiritual group had no right to obtain her money back. Affirmed a summary adjudication...
05/07/2019 B284446
Brown v. Pacifica Foundation, Inc.
California Court of Appeal
Media Law, Tax-exempt Organizations, Corp. Governance
Held that a board member of a nonprofit corporation was not entitled to a preliminary injunction barring her from being removed from the board....
04/29/2019 A152824
Summers v. Colette
California Court of Appeal
Tax-exempt Organizations, Corp. Governance
Revived a lawsuit accusing a board member of a nonprofit organization of self-dealing and other misconduct. Held that the plaintiff, also a board...
04/15/2019 B285488
St. Joan Antida High School Inc. v. Milwaukee Public School District
United States Seventh Circuit
Tax-exempt Organizations, Constitutional Law, Education Law
Revived a parochial school's claim that its students were being denied state‐funded bus transportation equivalent to public-school students, contrary...
03/25/2019 18‐1673
Garcia v. Salvation Army
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Rights, Tax-exempt Organizations, Labor & Employment Law
Held that an employee of the Salvation Army could not proceed with her claims for retaliation and hostile work environment, because Title VII's...
03/18/2019 16-16827
Gaylor v. Peecher
United States Seventh Circuit
Tax Law, Tax-exempt Organizations, Constitutional Law
Upheld an Internal Revenue Code provision that excludes housing allowances from ministers' taxable federal income. An advocacy group contended that...
03/15/2019 18-1277
Su v. Stephen S. Wise Temple
California Court of Appeal
Tax-exempt Organizations, Labor & Employment Law, Education Law
Revived the California Labor Commissioner's lawsuit alleging that a preschool operated by a religious congregation violated wage-hour laws. Held that...
03/08/2019 B275426
Church of Our Lord and Savior v. City of Markham, Illinois
United States Seventh Circuit
Civil Rights, Tax-exempt Organizations, Property Law & Real Estate
Revived a church's claim that a city's zoning code violated federal and state statutes protecting religious freedom by treating religious uses of...
01/17/2019 18-1432
Biel v. St. James School
United States Ninth Circuit
Education Law, Civil Rights, Tax-exempt Organizations
Reinstated a Catholic elementary school teacher's claim that her employment was terminated based on her disability, in violation of the Americans with...
12/17/2018 17-55180
J.W. v. Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.
California Court of Appeal
Tax-exempt Organizations, Juvenile Law
Affirmed a $4 million default judgment against the Jehovah's Witness religious organization, in a lawsuit brought on behalf of a child who allegedly...
12/10/2018 E066555

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