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Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. v. Newsom

California Court of Appeal
Government Law, Tax Law
Affirmed. The court found that Senate Bill No. 1107 directly conflicts with Political Reform Act of 1974 and does not further the purposes of the Act.
08/26/2019 C086334, Inc. v. CRI

California Court of Appeal
Tax Law
Affirmed. Amazon filed a petition challenging the IRS’s valuation of assets. The panel concluded that the definition of “intangible” does not include...
08/16/2019 17-72922

Mass v. Franchise Tax Bd.

California Court of Appeal
Securities Law, Tax Law
Affirmed. Plaintiffs bought shares in a company that invests in government bonds. Plaintiffs contend that the dividends they received are exempt from...
08/15/2019 B286857

In Re: Sealed Case

United States DC Circuit
Tax Law, Civil Procedure
Remanded. The Tax Court abused its discretion in denying a whistleblower award to an anonymous informant. Remanded to consider whether the appellant...
07/26/2019 17-1212

Dixon v. Ryan

United States Ninth Circuit
Tax Law, Civil Procedure
Affirmed. Defendant’s Sixth Amendment rights were not violated when trial counsel failed to challenge his competency to waive counsel. Defendant’s due...
07/26/2019 16-99006

Nguyen v. Nissan North America, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Tax Law
Reversed. District court’s denial of plaintiff’s motion for class certification met the predominance requirement of FRCP 23(b)(3). Plaintiff’s...
07/26/2019 18-16344

Myers v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service

United States DC Circuit
Tax Law, Civil Procedure
Reversed and remanded. The Tax Court improperly dismissed a case involving a man's application to the IRS for a whistleblower award because although...
07/02/2019 18-1003

Interior Glass Systems, Inc. v. US

United States Ninth Circuit
Tax Law
Upheld federal tax penalties imposed on a company for failing to disclose its participation in a so-called listed transaction. Affirmed summary...
06/26/2019 17-15713

North Carolina Dept. of Revenue v. Kimberley Rice Kaestner 1992 Family Trust

United States Supreme Court
Tax Law, Probate, Trusts & Estates, Constitutional Law
Clarified the limits of a State's power to tax a trust. Struck down a North Carolina requirement that a trust must pay income tax to the State...
06/21/2019 18–457

Moss v. Duncan

California Court of Appeal
Tax Law, Professional Malpractice
Revived a business owner's lawsuit accusing a certified public accountant of professional negligence. Held that the statute of limitations did not bar...
06/20/2019 D075101
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