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United Grand Corp. v. Malibu Hillbillies, LLC

California Court of Appeal
Sanctions, Landlord Tenant Law
Addressed a variety of sanctions issues arising out of a garden variety commercial rent dispute. Certain parties and attorneys allegedly engaged in...
06/12/2019 B283833

Moran v. The Screening Pros LLC

United States Ninth Circuit
Landlord Tenant Law, Consumer Protection Law
Revived a tenant's lawsuit against a company that screens prospective tenants. He brought the suit after being denied housing due to criminal history...
05/14/2019 12-57246

Chun v. Del Cid

California Court of Appeal
Landlord Tenant Law
In a landlord-tenant dispute, held that a residential building did not fall within the single-family dwelling exemption to the City of Los Angeles...
04/26/2019 B295140

Aldaco v. RentGrow, Inc.

United States Seventh Circuit
Landlord Tenant Law, Consumer Protection Law
Held that a consumer reporting agency lawfully disclosed the plaintiff's decades-old criminal record for battery to a landlord when she applied to...
04/16/2019 18-1932, Inc. v. City of Santa Monica

United States Ninth Circuit
Cyberspace Law, Constitutional Law, Landlord Tenant Law
Upheld a beach town's ordinance imposing restrictions on companies, such as Airbnb Inc., that host online platforms for short-term vacation rentals....
03/13/2019 18-55367

Francis v. Kings Park Manor, Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Civil Rights, Landlord Tenant Law
Held that a landlord may be liable under the Fair Housing Act for failing to take prompt action to address a racially hostile housing environment...
03/04/2019 15-1823

Lamb v. Ashford Place Apartments LLC

United States Fifth Circuit
Injury & Tort Law, Landlord Tenant Law
Held that a tenant could not hold her landlord liable for a lung condition she developed as a result of breathing smoke and fumes from her apartment's...
01/30/2019 18-30469

Smyth v. Berman

California Court of Appeal
Landlord Tenant Law
Affirmed the dismissal of a tenant's lawsuit. Although the lease agreement gave him a right of first refusal to purchase the building, the right...
01/10/2019 B286609

Dr. Leevil, LLC v. Westlake Health Care Center

Supreme Court of California
Landlord Tenant Law
Decided an issue concerning the timing of the notice that must precede an unlawful detainer action. Held that a new owner of the property must perfect...
12/17/2018 S241324

Vorchheimer v. The Philadelphian Owners Association

United States Third Circuit
Elder Law, Civil Rights, Landlord Tenant Law
Affirmed the dismissal of a disabled tenant's lawsuit under the Fair Housing Amendments Act. The tenant, who needs ready access to her rolling walker,...
09/05/2018 17-1738