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Dorman v. The Charles Schwab Corporation

United States Ninth Circuit
ERISA, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
Reversed. The panel concluded that Amaro v. Continental Can Co., which held that ERISA claims are not arbitrable, is no longer good law in light of...
08/20/2019 18-15281

32BJ N. Pension Fund. v. Nutrition Mgmt. Servs.

United States Second Circuit
Vacated and remanded. Finding NMSC did not agree to be bound to the trust agreement until it executed an amendment to the collective bargaining...
08/20/2019 18-0857-cv(L)

O’Rourke v. Northern California Electrical

United States Ninth Circuit
Affirmed. The panel affirmed the district court’s grant of summary judgment in an ERISA action challenging the denial of plaintiff’s request for early...
08/16/2019 17-17419

Smith v. OSF Healthcare System

United States Seventh Circuit
ERISA, Civil Procedure
Vacated and remanded. The district court grant of summary judgment to the defense despite a plaintiff motion to postpone for the completion of further...
08/13/2019 18-3325

Bauwens v. Revcon Technology Group, Inc.

United States Seventh Circuit
ERISA, Civil Procedure
Affirmed. The court declined to create a federal common law mechanism that would allow the plaintiff to decelerate the withdrawal liability of a...
08/13/2019 18-3306

O'Brien v. AMBS Diagnostics, LLC

California Court of Appeal
ERISA, Debt Collection
Reversed. Plaintiff, a judgment creditor, sought to collect a debt from Defendant’s individual retirement account. In an effort to protect assets,...
08/08/2019 B288072

Fessenden v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co.

United States Seventh Circuit
In an ERISA case, held that a plan administrator's tardy decision to deny an individual disability benefits was not entitled to deference, because the...
06/25/2019 18‐1346

Nichols v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co.

United States Fifth Circuit
ERISA, Labor & Employment Law
Held that an employee who stopped working at a chicken processing plant because of a circulatory disorder was not entitled to long-term disability...
05/23/2019 18-60499

Paxton v. Board of Administration, California Public Employees’ Retirement System

California Court of Appeal
Government Law, ERISA, Labor & Employment Law
Rejected a California state employee's claim that his bonus compensation should count for purposes of calculating his future pension benefit. Affirmed...
05/20/2019 C086204

Acosta v. City National Corp.

United States Ninth Circuit
Held that a 401(k) employee profit-sharing plan's recordkeeper was liable under ERISA for breach of fiduciary duties and self-dealing. Affirmed a...
04/23/2019 17-55421
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