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Gates v. Blakemore

Government Law, Elections
Affirmed. Plaintiff appealed from a pre-election trial court ruling that held that certain initiates were invalid and that the County of San...
08/23/2019 E069998

NAGR v. Managan

Affirmed in part, reversed in part. The panel reasoned that requiring disclosure of information related to subtle and indirect communications likely...
08/12/2019 18-35010

Davis v. Guam

Constitutional Law, Elections
Affirmed. District court’s summary judgment in favor of Plaintiff affirmed, where Guam’s Plebiscite Law restricting voting to native inhabitants...
07/29/2019 17-15719

De La Fuente v. Padilla

District court’s dismissal of a challenge to two California ballot access laws affirmed, where ballot access laws requiring independent candidates to...
07/19/2019 17-56668

Department of Commerce v. New York

Constitutional Law, Elections
Held that the government's decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census questionnaire did not violate the Enumeration Clause or the...
06/27/2019 18–966

Virginia House of Delegates v. Bethune-Hill

Constitutional Law, Elections
In a case alleging racial gerrymandering, held that the Virginia House of Delegates lacked standing to appeal the invalidation of Virginia's 2010...
06/17/2019 18–281

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn. v. Amador Water Agency

Water Law, Elections
Held that a local water agency's decision to set new water service rates was not subject to referendum. Affirmed denial of writ relief, in a case...
06/14/2019 C082079

Acevedo v. Cook County Officers Electoral Board

Held that a prospective candidate for county sheriff may not proceed with a constitutional challenge to the procedure for qualifying to appear on the...
06/05/2019 18-2979

Common Cause Indiana v. Marion County Election Board

Addressed a mootness issue in a case where citizen groups challenged the legality of a local election board's decisions regarding in‐person early...
06/03/2019 18‐2735

Arizona Libertarian Party v. Hobbs

Rejected the Arizona Libertarian Party's constitutional challenge to a state law addressing what a Libertarian candidate must do, in terms of...
05/31/2019 17-16491
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