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Cuevas-Martinez v. Sun Salt Sand, Inc.
California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Commercial Law, Labor & Employment Law
Revived an employee's malicious-prosecution claim against his former employer, which had unsuccessfully sued him after he opened a competing...
06/06/2019 E070843
Jozefowicz v. Allstate Insurance Co.
California Court of Appeal
Commercial Law, Insurance Law
In a dispute between a homeowner and a property insurance company over an allegedly misdirected check, held that the homeowner had no cause of action...
05/28/2019 G055643 Inc. v. DoubleVerify Inc.
Supreme Court of California
Civil Procedure, Commercial Law, Constitutional Law
Interpreting the state's anti-SLAPP statute, the California Supreme Court addressed whether the commercial nature of a defendant's speech is relevant...
05/06/2019 S244157
In re Boon Global Limited
United States Ninth Circuit
International Trade, Commercial Law, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
Addressed whether Hong Kong- and Vietnam-based companies could be forced into arbitration in a software development dispute. The issue involved...
05/03/2019 18-71347
Waste Management of Louisiana v. River Birch, Inc.
United States Fifth Circuit
Commercial Law, Elections
Revived a landfill owner's claim that a competitor bribed the city's mayor to shut down the landfill. The issue involved whether the competitor's...
04/10/2019 18-30139
Sanchelima International, Inc. v. Walker Stainless Equipment Co., Inc.
United States Seventh Circuit
Commercial Law
In a commercial dispute involving a distribution agreement, addressed a question regarding Wisconsin's interpretation of a Uniform Commercial Code...
04/10/2019 18‐1823
Kreg Therapeutics, Inc. v. VitalGo, Inc.
United States Seventh Circuit
Commercial Law, Contracts
Held that a manufacturer breached its contractual agreement with a distributor in the medical-supply industry. Affirmed a bench trial judgment, in a...
03/14/2019 17‐3005
Ron Miller Enterprises, Inc. v. Lobel Financial Corp., Inc.
California Court of Appeal
Commercial Law, Banking Law
Resolved a dispute between two lenders following the insolvency of two automobile dealerships. One of the lenders provided floor financing while the...
03/14/2019 F076205
GEOMC Co., Ltd. v. Calmare Therapeutics Inc.
United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure, Commercial Law
Clarified the standards for pleading affirmative defenses and granting a motion to strike them, and for presenting and challenging new counterclaims....
03/12/2019 17‐3502‐cv
In re Pettit Oil Co.
United States Ninth Circuit
Oil and Gas Law, Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law
In the bankruptcy proceeding of a distributor of bulk petroleum products, held that a consignor's unperfected security interest in fuel and monetary...
03/11/2019 17-60081

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