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United States Third Circuit - May 2018 Opinion Summaries


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US v. Kalb

United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
Dismissing a government appeal granting a defendant's motion to suppress because it was filed outside of the thirty day period for appeal, meaning...
05/31/2018 17-1333

US v. Foster

United States Third Circuit
Sentencing, Evidence, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirming the conviction and sentence of two defendants convicted of being felons in possession of firearms apprehended thanks to a call to the police...
05/30/2018 16-3650

US v. Shaw

United States Third Circuit
Civil Rights, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirming the jury conviction of a former corrections office for sexually assaulting a female inmate and obstruction of justice.
05/30/2018 16-2860

Bonilla v. Sessions

United States Third Circuit
Immigration Law, Constitutional Law
Denying the petition for review of an Immigration Judge's determination at a reasonable fear proceeding that the petitioner was not entitled to relief...
05/30/2018 17-2324

American Orthopedic & Sports Medicine v. Independence Blue Cross Blue Shield

United States Third Circuit
ERISA, Insurance Law, Contracts
Affirming a district court determination that anti assignment clauses in managed healthcare and provider network agreements are not antithetical to...
05/16/2018 17-1663

Kriegre v. Bank of America

United States Third Circuit
Civil Procedure, Banking Law
Reversing a district court grant of Bank of America's motion to dismiss the operative complaint that they violated two consumer protection laws, the...
05/16/2018 17-1275

Rotkiske v. Klemm

United States Third Circuit
Civil Procedure, Debt Collection
Affirming a district court judgment that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act's statute of limitations is triggered when a violation occurs, not...
05/15/2018 16-1668

Rena C. v. Colonial School District

United States Third Circuit
Civil Rights, Civil Procedure, Attorney's Fees
Reversing and remanding a case in which the mother of a student with disabilities filed an administrative due process complaint against a school...
05/14/2018 17-1161

Liberty Woods International, Inc. v. Motor Vessel Ocean Quartz

United States Third Circuit
Admiralty, International Trade, Injury & Tort Law
Affirming the dismissal of an in rem suit filed against a ship for cargo damage sustained in transit because liability for the damage was covered by...
05/04/2018 16-4195
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