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United States Third Circuit - July 2006 Opinion Summaries

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US v. Hull

United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Mere "possession" of a pipe bomb does not qualify as a "Federal crime of violence" under 18 U.S.C. section 842(p)(2)(A).
07/28/2006 05-2028

Stepnowski v. Comm'r of Internal Revenue

United States Third Circuit
Administrative Law, ERISA, Labor & Employment Law, Tax Law
The Commissioner of Internal Revenue extended, until February 28, 2002, the deadline for pension plans to amend their present-value calculations to...
07/27/2006 05-3665

Hill v. Borough of Kutztown

United States Third Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Government Law, Injury & Tort Law, Labor & Employment Law
In a case involving allegations that a borough mayor's campaign of harassment, defamation and retaliation deprived an employee of his job and damaged...
07/26/2006 05-1356

Toussaint v. Attorney Gen. of the US

United States Third Circuit
Administrative Law, Immigration Law
For purposes of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), criminal deportees are not recognized as a social group. A petition for review of a BIA's...
07/26/2006 05-3311

In re: Kaiser Aluminum Corp.

United States Third Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, ERISA, Elder Law
(Industry: Manufacturing)

When an employer in Chapter 11 bankruptcy seeks to terminate multiple pension plans voluntarily under the "reorganization test," Congress intended the...
07/26/2006 05-2695

Berckeley Inv. Group, Ltd. v. Colkitt

United States Third Circuit
Civil Procedure, Contracts, Corporation & Enterprise Law, International Law, Remedies, Securities Law
(Industry: Project Finance)

In a dispute over an "Offshore Convertible Securities Purchase Agreement" between an individual looking for financing for a business venture and a...
07/25/2006 04-3844

Williams v. Bitner

United States Third Circuit
Administrative Law, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure, Government Law
Denial of qualified immunity to prison officials with respect to a Muslim inmate's First Amendment claim, arising from his firing as a prison cook...
07/25/2006 05-1930

US v. Flores

United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence, International Law, Sentencing, White Collar Crime
An attorney's conviction and sentence for conspiracy to commit money laundering, money laundering, and conspiracy to structure currency transactions...
07/21/2006 05-1271

US v. Mosley

United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
When a vehicle is illegally stopped by the police, no evidence found during the stop may be used by the government against any occupant of the vehicle...
07/21/2006 05-1519

Lakeside Resort Enters., LP v. Bd. of Supervisors of Palmyra Township

United States Third Circuit
Civil Rights, Government Law, Health Law, Property Law & Real Estate
A proposed drug- and alcohol-treatment facility qualifies as a dwelling under the Fair Housing Act under the facts of the case where residents of the...
07/20/2006 05-1163
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