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California Court of Appeal - November 2016 Opinion Summaries


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Driscoll v. Granite Rock

California Court of Appeal
Labor & Employment Law, Class Actions, Construction
In a suit brought on behalf of a class of approximately 200 current and former concrete mixer drivers, claiming that construction company defendant...
11/30/2016 H037662

Newport Harbor Ventures, LLC v. Morris Cerullo World Evangelism

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Contracts
In a contracts action, the trial court's denial of defendant's anti-SLAPP motion is affirmed. The Court held that an anti-SLAPP motion filed under...
11/30/2016 G052660

People v. McCarrick

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure
Conviction of first degree murder, Pen. Code section 187, with a multiple-murder special circumstance finding, section 190.2(a)(3), and assault on a...
11/30/2016 A136822

Lee v. Rich

California Court of Appeal
Property Law & Real Estate
In a dispute arising out of the purchase of a single-family residence at an execution sale conducted to satisfy a judgment against plaintiff, the...
11/30/2016 G051838

Condon v. Daland Nissan

California Court of Appeal
Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
In an appeal of an arbitration award involving an auto loan, the trial court refused to order a new arbitration and confirmation of the existing award...
11/30/2016 A145613

Dept. of Health Care Servs. v. Office of Admin. Hearings

California Court of Appeal
Education Law, Administrative Law, Attorney's Fees
In the Department of Health Care Services petition for writs of administrative and traditional mandamus, and declaratory relief, seeking an order...
11/29/2016 F071023

People v. Shiga

California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure
Convictions of aggravated arson, Pen. Code section 451.5(a), arson of a structure, section 451(c), possession of flammable material, section 453(a),...
11/29/2016 B256009

People v. Moore

California Court of Appeal
Evidence, Criminal Law & Procedure
Conviction of first degree murder, based exclusively on circumstantial evidence that defendant built and planted a victim-activated bomb in an...
11/29/2016 C075231

In re Charlotte V.

California Court of Appeal
Family Law
In a Mother's appeal from the termination of her parental rights over her daughter, on the ground the juvenile court failed to comply with the strict...
11/29/2016 B269633

Tidwell Enterprises v. Financial Pacific Ins. Co.

California Court of Appeal
Insurance Law, Construction, Injury & Tort Law
In an insurance coverage action, arising out of a suit brought by a homeowner's insurer against a contractor who installed a fireplace that caused a...
11/29/2016 C078665
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