Description Date Docket #
Marathon Petroleum Corporation v. Secretary of Finance for the State of Delaware
United States Third Circuit
Civil Procedure, Commercial Law, Tax Law
Reversing the district court's conclusion that private parties cannot invoke federal common law to challenge a state's authority to escheat property,...
12/04/2017 16-1417
Gonzalez v. City of Norwalk
California Court of Appeal
Tax Law, Constitutional Law, Communications Law
Affirming the trial court's grant of a demurrer without leave to amend in the case of plaintiffs complaining about a tax applied to phone service...
12/04/2017 B276871
City of Fontana v. California Department of Tax and Fee Administration
California Court of Appeal
Government Law, Tax Law, Administrative Law, Government Law
Reversing a trial court order reallocating local sales tax that had been remitted to Cities A and B to City C, a decision that had overturned the...
11/28/2017 A147642
San Diegans for Open Government v. Public Facilities Financing Authority of the City of San Diego
California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Tax Law
Reversing the trial court's dismissal of a plaintiff's complaint because plaintiff taxpayers had standing under Government Code section 1092 to...
11/09/2017 D069751
Hewlett Packard Company and Consolidated Subsidiaries v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
United States Ninth Circuit
Tax Law, Administrative Law
Affirming the tax court's decision on a petition for redetermination of federal income tax deficiencies that turned on whether an investment by HP...
11/09/2017 14-73047
Clemens v. Qwest Corp.
United States Ninth Circuit
Tax Law, Remedies, Labor & Employment Law
In a labor and employment action, the district court's order denying an adjustment in plaintiff's damages award from a successful discrimination suit,...
11/03/2017 15-35160
JetSuite, Inc. v. County of Los Angeles
California Court of Appeal
Transportation, Tax Law, Administrative Law
Affirming the trial court's denial of a writ petition by an air taxi service seeking to avoid tax liability in Los Angeles because it claimed to be...
10/10/2017 B279273
Luz Solar Partners Ltd. III v. San Bernadino County
California Court of Appeal
Property Law & Real Estate, Tax Law, Administrative Law
Affirming the decision of the Assessment Appeals Board of San Bernadino County relating to the assessed value of real property improved with solar...
09/27/2017 E064882
Hyatt v. Yee
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Tax Law
Affirming a district court ruling that the Tax Injunction Act prevents it from enjoining, suspending, or restraining the assessment, levy, or...
09/26/2017 15-15296
US v. Brooks
United States Second Circuit
White Collar Crime, Sentencing, Tax Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Modifying orders relating to the conviction of a man for multiple counts of securities fraud, mail and wire fraud, obstruction of justice, and tax...
09/20/2017 13-3213-cr (L) 13-3213-cr (L)

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