Description Date Docket #
Cooper v. Harris
United States Supreme Court
Constitutional Law, Elections, Government Law
In a case concerning North Carolina's redrawing of two congressional districts, District 1 and District 12, after the 2010 census, alleging violations...
05/22/2017 15-1262
Bethune-Hill v. Virginia State Bd. of Elections
United States Supreme Court
Government Law, Constitutional Law, Elections
In an action brought by certain voters claiming that the Virginia State Legislature's new lines for 12 state legislative districts, drawn with the...
03/01/2017 15-680
Pini v. Fenley
California Court of Appeal
Government Law, Elections
In a Board of Supervisors election challenge, following certification of the final canvass, alleging mistakes, errors, and misconduct in counting the...
03/01/2017 C082963
Wilson v. County of Napa
California Court of Appeal
Environmental Law, Elections, Government Law
In a petition for a writ of mandate seeking to compel the County of Napa and the registrar to place on the county ballot their proposed initiative...
02/28/2017 A149153
Hernandez v. Town of Apple Valley
California Court of Appeal
Property Law & Real Estate, Constitutional Law, Elections
In a suit involving a measure passed by the Town's electorate in a special election (Initiative) that amended the general plan to allow for a 30-acre...
01/05/2017 E063721
Lee v. VA State Bd. of Elections
United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Elections, Government Law
In a challenge to Virginia Code section 24.2-643(B), the voter identification law enacted as part of 'SB 1256,' 2013 Va. Acts ch. 725, alleging that...
12/13/2016 16-1605
Libertarian Party of NH v. Gardner
United States First Circuit
Constitutional Law, Elections, Government Law
In a suit by the he Libertarian Party of New Hampshire (LPNH) alleging that the new, reduced time period during which New Hampshire law allows parties...
12/02/2016 15-2068
Eblovi v. Blair
California Court of Appeal
Elections, Government Law, Constitutional Law
In an action seeking interpretation of Elections Code section 9282(a), which reads, 'For measures placed on the ballot by petition, the persons filing...
12/01/2016 A148275
Igartua v. Obama
United States First Circuit
Elections, Government Law
In a claim brought by a U.S. citizen-resident of Puerto Rico in search of a legal remedy for his claim that he has a constitutional right to vote in...
11/23/2016 15-1336
Feldman v. Arizona Secretary of State's Office
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Elections
In an elections action challenging Arizona's 'precinct rule,' which requires in-person voters to vote at the precinct polling station at which they're...
11/02/2016 16-16865

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