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Fidelity National Financial, Inc. v. Friedman

United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Procedure
Reversed and remanded. The district court’s order vacating a registered judgement is reversed, holding that a court need not have personal...
08/22/2019 17-15913

Wu v. O'Gara Coach Co., LLC

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Ethics & Professional Responsibility
Reversed order disqualifying attorneys. The appeals court held that no evidence had been presented that Plaintiff's attorneys possessed confidential...
08/21/2019 B289698

California Communities Against Toxics v. EPA

United States DC Circuit
Civil Procedure, Administrative Law
Dismissed. The Wehrum Memo relating to air quality was not a final agency action, so the court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to hear complaints...
08/20/2019 18-1085

Vanzant v. Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.

United States Seventh Circuit
Consumer Protection Law, Class Actions, Civil Procedure
Reversed. The court reversed the dismissal of a class action consumer fraud and deceptive business case involving cat food labeled prescription cat...
08/20/2019 17-3633

Cole v. Hunter

United States Fifth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Evidence
Partially affirmed, partially reversed. The court determined that a jury, not judges, will resolve competing factual narratives relating to an...
08/20/2019 15-10045

American Bankers Association v. National Credit Union Administration

United States DC Circuit
Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Banking Law
Remanded. A final rule issued by the National Credit Union Administration intended to make it easier for community credit unions to expand their...
08/20/2019 18-5154

Bentley v. AutoZoners, LLC, et al.

United States Second Circuit
Labor & Employment Law, Civil Procedure
Affirmed. In appealing an award of summary judgement for the defendants, plaintiff argues she proffered sufficient evidence to raise triable issues of...
08/19/2019 18-2441-CV

Moore v. LA Department of Public Safety

United States Fifth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law
Reversed. The substitution of the guardians of the children of a deceased man discovered a year after the filing of a wrongful death action by his...
08/19/2019 18-30323

Union of Medical Marijuana Patients v. City of San Diego

Supreme Court of California
Environmental Law, Civil Procedure
Reversed. The City of San Diego authorized medical marijuana dispensaries. It decided that the dispensaries did not constitute a project for the...
08/19/2019 S238563

Biondo v. Kaledia Health

United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure
Vacated and remanded. Plaintiff, who is profoundly deaf, appeals from dismissal on summary judgment her claim that a hospital violated the...
08/19/2019 18-1375