Description Date Docket #
US v. James
United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Government Law, White Collar Crime
Affirming a district court denial of a motion to dismiss charges against a former US Virgin Islands senator accused of violating two criminal statutes...
04/23/2018 17-2536
US v. Cohen
United States First Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing, White Collar Crime
Affirming the convictions and sentence of a man for conspiracy to convert government funds, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and fourteen counts...
04/06/2018 16-1682P.01A
US v. Palin
United States Fourth Circuit
White Collar Crime, Evidence, Health Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Husband and wife's convictions for health care fraud and conspiracy to engage in health care fraud under 18 U.S.C. sections 1347 and 1349, arising...
10/30/2017 16-4522
Ganek v. Leibowitz
United States Second Circuit
White Collar Crime, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
In a Bivens action, brought against defendant FBI agents and federal prosecutors for alleged constitutional violations in searching plaintiff...
10/17/2017 16-1463-cv
US v. Weed
United States First Circuit
White Collar Crime, Securities Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirming the district court's denial of a securities lawyer's novel argument that two former stockbrokers for whom he produced false opinion letters...
10/06/2017 16-2120P.01A
US v. Brooks
United States Second Circuit
White Collar Crime, Sentencing, Tax Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Modifying orders relating to the conviction of a man for multiple counts of securities fraud, mail and wire fraud, obstruction of justice, and tax...
09/20/2017 13-3213-cr (L) 13-3213-cr (L)
US v. Poulson
United States Third Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, White Collar Crime, Sentencing
Affirming the district court's findings regarding the number of victims of a multi-million dollar real estate Ponzi scheme who suffered substantial...
09/14/2017 16-1224
US v. Ferriero
United States Third Circuit
White Collar Crime, Criminal Law & Procedure, Government Law
Affirming judgments of conviction, forfeiture, and sentencing based on violations of the RICO Act and federal wire fraud statutes arising from...
08/04/2017 15-4064
US v. Silver
United States Second Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Government Law, White Collar Crime
Vacating and remanding the conviction of Sheldon Silver, former Speaker of the NY State Assembly for fraud, extortion, and money laundering, holding...
07/12/2017 16-1615-cr
US v. Boyland
United States Second Circuit
White Collar Crime, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Judges & Judiciary, Criminal Law & Procedure
Denying the appeal of a judge convicted of 21 counts of public-corruption-related offenses, finding that subsequent decisions narrowing the...
07/10/2017 15-3118

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