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In re Lisse
United States Seventh Circuit
Sanctions, Ethics & Disciplinary Code
Upheld an attorney's suspension from the practice of law in the Western District of Wisconsin for "serial dilatory, vexatious and unprofessional...
04/01/2019 18-1866
In re US Bureau of Prisons
United States Fifth Circuit
Sanctions, Sentencing, Judges & Judiciary
Reversed a contempt sanction that a federal judge had imposed on the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. The Bureau had refused to heed the judge's instructions...
03/14/2019 18-50512
In re Grand Jury Investigation
United States DC Circuit
Sanctions, Constitutional Law, Elections
Affirmed an order holding an individual in contempt for failing to comply with grand jury subpoenas served on him by Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller...
02/26/2019 18-3052
In re marriage of Anka and Yeager
California Court of Appeal
Sanctions, Family Law
Affirmed monetary sanctions against a family law attorney for disclosing information contained in a confidential child custody evaluation report....
02/04/2019 B281760
In re marriage of Perow and Uzelac
California Court of Appeal
Sanctions, Attorney's Fees, Family Law
Affirmed an award of sanctions in the form of attorney fees in a marital dissolution proceeding. Addressed a procedural issue related to bringing a...
01/31/2019 B283457
People v. Landers
California Court of Appeal
Sanctions, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Criminal Law & Procedure
Reversed a $950 sanction imposed on a deputy public defender for violating a reciprocal discovery order by failing to disclose statements taken from a...
01/14/2019 A145037
CPF Vaseo Associates, LLC v. Gray
California Court of Appeal
Reversed monetary sanctions imposed on a party and its counsel for engaging in bad faith conduct. Held that they should have been afforded a safe...
12/06/2018 D072909
Seventh Avenue, Inc. v. Shaf International, Inc.
United States Seventh Circuit
Intellectual Property, Sanctions, Trademark
Affirmed that a corporation was in contempt of a consent judgment because its outside counsel failed to respond to a motion alleging a violation of...
11/30/2018 18-1829
Bell v. Vacuforce, LLC
United States Seventh Circuit
Copyright, Sanctions, Attorney's Fees
Affirmed sanctions imposed against a defense attorney for filing a frivolous motion seeking prevailing party attorney fees. Held that it was baseless...
11/14/2018 18-1159
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen v. Union Pacific Railroad Co.
United States Seventh Circuit
Labor & Employment Law, Sanctions, Transportation
Granting sanctions against a labor union for appealing a railroad managerial employee's termination based on arguments that were facially untenable...
09/25/2018 17-1897

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