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Evans v. Griffin

United States Seventh Circuit
Constitutional Law, Sanctions, Civil Procedure
Reversed and remanded. A prisoner suing under the 8th Amendment for the prison's failure to treat his nasal polyps claimed he didn't receive notice of...
08/07/2019 17-1957

Primo Hospitality Group, Inc. v. Haney

California Court of Appeal
Sanctions, Professional Malpractice
Reversed. Plaintiffs filed a legal malpractice action and then retained a new attorney. The Defendant served the new attorney with a motion for...
07/05/2019 B283030

Newstart Real Estate Investment LLC v. Huang

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Sanctions, Judgement Enforcement
Affirmed. Plaintiff appealed from orders denying its attempts to collect on a judgement against Defendant and the imposition of sanctions. The trial...
07/03/2019 B292417

J.B.B. Investment Partners v. Fair

California Court of Appeal
Sanctions, Civil Procedure
Affirmed. Sanctions ordered for bringing frivolous appeal. Plaintiff filed suit alleging breach of settlement agreement and the trial court granted...
07/02/2019 A152877

Samsky v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co

California Court of Appeal
Sanctions, Civil Procedure
Reversed. Plaintiff appealed trial court’s denial of motion for costs of proof after Defendant denied Requests for Admissions. Appeals court reversed...
06/26/2019 B293885

McGreal v. Village of Orland Park

United States Seventh Circuit
Sanctions, Labor & Employment Law
Affirmed an award of Rule 11 monetary sanctions against a plaintiff's attorney who had defended against summary judgment even though discovery...
06/26/2019 18‐3342

United Grand Corp. v. Malibu Hillbillies, LLC

California Court of Appeal
Sanctions, Landlord Tenant Law
Addressed a variety of sanctions issues arising out of a garden variety commercial rent dispute. Certain parties and attorneys allegedly engaged in...
06/12/2019 B283833

Lasalle v. Vogel

California Court of Appeal
Sanctions, Legal Malpractice
Reversed a default judgment entered against an attorney in a legal malpractice case. Her alleged dilatory tactics did not merit a default.
06/11/2019 G055381

National Abortion Federation v. Center for Medical Progress

United States Ninth Circuit
Sanctions, Health Law, Communications Law
Held that it was too soon to appeal from civil contempt sanctions because there was no final judgment yet. In the underlying litigation, an...
06/05/2019 17-16622

Taggart v. Lorenzen

United States Supreme Court
Sanctions, Bankruptcy Law, Debt Collection
Clarified the circumstances in which a court may hold a creditor in civil contempt for attempting to collect a debt that a bankruptcy discharge order...
06/03/2019 18–489