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United States Ninth Circuit
Media Law, Government Law
Reversed in part, affirmed in part. Plaintiffs have standing for a Freedom of Information Act claim because the removal of compliance and enforcement...
08/29/2019 17-16858

Palin v. The New York Times Company

United States Second Circuit
Media Law, Civil Procedure
Vacated and remanded. Palin appeals the dismissal of her defamation complaint against The New York Times for failure to state a claim. Finding the...
08/06/2019 17-3801-cv

Brown v. Maxwell; Dershowitz v. Giuffre

United States Second Circuit
Media Law, Injury & Tort Law, Constitutional Law
Vacate and order the unsealing of summary judgment record and remand. Intervenors, Dershowitz and the Miami Herald, appeal from an order denying...
07/03/2019 18-2868

Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck

United States Supreme Court
Media Law, Communications Law, Constitutional Law
Held that a private entity operating public access cable TV channels was not subject to First Amendment constraints on its editorial discretion. The...
06/17/2019 17–1702

Marshall's Locksmith Service v. Google, LLC

United States DC Circuit
Media Law, Cyberspace Law
Held that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo were not liable for allegedly conspiring to flood the market of online search results with information about...
06/07/2019 18-7018

Kidd v. Thomson Reuters Corp.

United States Second Circuit
Media Law, Labor & Employment Law
Held that a media company was not a "consumer reporting agency" subject to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. A job applicant alleged that...
05/30/2019 17‐3550

Board of Forensic Document Examiners, Inc. v. American Bar Association

United States Seventh Circuit
Media Law, Injury & Tort Law
Held that an organization may not proceed with its defamation action alleging reputational harm from an article published in an American Bar...
05/01/2019 18-2653

Brown v. Pacifica Foundation, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Media Law, Tax-exempt Organizations, Corp. Governance
Held that a board member of a nonprofit corporation was not entitled to a preliminary injunction barring her from being removed from the board....
04/29/2019 A152824

BWP Media USA Inc. v. Polyvore, Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Media Law, Cyberspace Law, Copyright
Revived a media company's claim that a popular website infringed its copyright in certain photographs of famous celebrities. The website, which...
04/17/2019 16‐2825‐cv

Sonoma Media Investments, LLC v. Superior Court (Flater)

California Court of Appeal
Media Law, Civil Procedure, Elections
Held that a newspaper's anti-SLAPP motion should have been granted to block a libel suit. The plaintiffs failed to make a prima-facie showing that...
04/08/2019 A151968
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