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YPF S.A. v. Apache Overseas, Inc.

United States Fifth Circuit
M&A, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
Upheld an arbitration award in a business dispute involving one company's sale of certain assets to another. Affirmed the district court's...
05/24/2019 17-20802

ARC Welding Supply Co., Inc. v. American Welding and Gas, Inc.

United States Seventh Circuit
M&A, Contracts
Affirmed a judgment after trial in a contractual dispute between two industrial supply companies. The case involved the alleged breach of their asset...
02/14/2019 18-1546

Tissue Technology LLC v. TAK Investments LLC

United States Seventh Circuit
M&A, Contracts
In a dispute that arose out of the sale of a manufacturing plant, held that the district judge was correct to withhold any remedy that would transfer...
10/29/2018 18-1835

North Valley Mall LLC v. Longs Drug Stores California LLC

California Court of Appeal
M&A, Property Law & Real Estate
Affirmed summary judgment in favor of two drug store chains in a dispute with a shopping mall over common area maintenance fees. The case raised...
09/25/2018 C079281

In re Energy Future Holdings Corp.

United States Third Circuit
M&A, Bankruptcy Law
Held that a company that entered into an unconsummated merger agreement was not entitled to payment of a $275 million termination fee. The proposed...
09/13/2018 18-1109

Colaco v. Cavotec SA

California Court of Appeal
M&A, Contracts
Held that two merging companies both breached an asset purchase agreement. The buyer and seller each argued that the other party had breached their...
08/10/2018 G052619

Varjabedian v. Emulex Corporation

United States Ninth Circuit
Class Actions, Civil Procedure, Banking Law, M&A, Securities Law
Affirming a district court conclusion in a putative securities class action relating to a corporate merger that the Securities Exchange Act does not...
04/20/2018 16-55088

Mercury Systems, Inc. v. Shareholder Representative Servs., LLC

United States First Circuit
Tax Law, M&A, Contracts
In a dispute arising out of a merger agreement in which one party agreed to indemnify the other against a purely hypothetical tax loss, involving the...
04/26/2016 14-2156

NAF Holdings, LLC v. Li & Fund (Trading) Limited

United States Second Circuit
Contracts, Corporation & Enterprise Law, M&A
In a dispute arising out of a merger, and in light of Delaware Supreme Court's answer to a certified question that plaintiff was not required to bring...
09/04/2015 13-830

Baker v. Goldman, Sachs & Co.

United States First Circuit
Commercial Law, Injury & Tort Law, M&A
In this case, plaintiff-software-company hired defendant-bank to assist it in finding an acquisition partner. The acquisition partner later was found...
11/12/2014 13-2173
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