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Lewis v. Mutond
United States DC Circuit
International Law, Injury & Tort Law
Revived an American citizen's claim seeking damages from two foreign officials of the Democratic Republic of the Congo who allegedly subjected him to...
03/12/2019 17-7118
Jam v. International Finance Corp.
United States Supreme Court
International Law, Civil Procedure
Held that an international organization did not have as much immunity from lawsuits as it contended it did. The U.S.-headquartered organization was...
02/27/2019 17–1011
Castro v. Tri Marine Fish Co. LLC
United States Ninth Circuit
International Law, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Admiralty
Held that an order issued by an arbitrator in the Philippines was not an arbitral award entitled to enforcement under a United Nations convention on...
02/27/2019 17-35703
In re Picard
United States Second Circuit
Securities Law, International Law, Bankruptcy Law
Held that a bankruptcy trustee may attempt to obtain property that Bernard Madoff's investment firm transferred to foreign entities that subsequently...
02/25/2019 17‐2992
Al-Tamimi v. Adelson
United States DC Circuit
International Law, Civil Procedure
Revived Palestinian nationals' claims that pro-Israeli Americans engaged in a civil conspiracy to expel all Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and the...
02/19/2019 17-5207
Simon v. Republic of Hungary
United States DC Circuit
Injury & Tort Law, International Law, Civil Procedure
Held that 14 Holocaust survivors could proceed with their lawsuit against the Republic of Hungary seeking compensation for the seizure and...
12/28/2018 17-7146
W.M. v. V.A.
California Court of Appeal
International Law, Family Law
Held that a California superior court had jurisdiction over a child custody proceeding, in a case raising questions under the Uniform Child Custody...
12/13/2018 B287735
Kemper v. Deutsche Bank AG
United States Seventh Circuit
Banking Law, Military Law, International Law
Held that the mother of a U.S. Army service member who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq did not state a claim against a Germany-based bank. She...
12/12/2018 18-1031
Starr International Co. v. US
United States DC Circuit
Tax Law, International Law
Held that a Switzerland-based financial firm could proceed with a tax refund claim. The firm sought a $38 million refund under a U.S.-Swiss treaty...
12/07/2018 17-5238
US v Hoskins
United States Second Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, International Law, International Trade
Affirmed in part and reversed in part. The Second Circuit agreed with the district court that the government cannot use theories of conspiracy or...
08/24/2018 16-1010

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