Description Date Docket #
Plixer International, Inc. v. Scrutinizer GMBH
United States First Circuit
Intellectual Property, Trademark, Civil Procedure
Held that the exercise of specific personal jurisdiction over a German company in a trademark infringement action did not violate due process. The...
09/13/2018 18-1195
In re: Detroit Athletic Co.
United States Federal Circuit
Trademark, Intellectual Property
Affirmed the refusal to register the trademark DETROIT ATHLETIC CO. for sports apparel retail services because it was likely to be confused with...
09/10/2018 17-2361
Zheng CAI v. Diamond Hong, Inc.
United States Federal Circuit
Trademark, Intellectual Property
Affirmed the decision of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s decision cancelling registration of plaintiff’s trademark for a green tea product due...
08/27/2018 18-1688
Scholz v. Goudreau
United States First Circuit
Entertainment Law, Trademark, Intellectual Property
Denied both parties' appeals in a trademark lawsuit between two members of the rock band Boston. A member of the multi-platinum band sued the band's...
08/21/2018 17-1264
Gordon v. Drape Creative, Inc.
United States Ninth Circuit
Trademark, Intellectual Property
Held that greeting-card companies were not entitled to summary judgment against a trademark infringement suit. The companies insisted that they did...
07/30/2018 16-56715
Excelled Sheepskin and Leather Coat Corp. v. Oregon Brewing Co.
United States Second Circuit
Trademark, Intellectual Property
Reversed summary judgment for an apparel company in its trademark infringement action. A company that sold leather jackets branded ROGUE contended...
07/27/2018 16-3602
Pinkette Clothing, Inc. v. Cosmetic Warriors LTD
United States Ninth Circuit
Trademark, Civil Procedure
Judgment affirmed in favor of plaintiff regarding a trademark infringement matter. The court held that because of the delay of the defendant in...
06/29/2018 17-55325
Cortes-Ramos v. Martin-Morales
United States First Circuit
Copyright, Trademark, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
Reversed the order to dismiss the plaintiff's copyright and trademark claims stemming from a songwriting contest. Plaintiff entered a songwriting...
06/28/2018 16-2456
Royal Crown Co. v. Coca Cola Co.
United States Federal Circuit
Trademark, Intellectual Property
Vacated and remanded a decision of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board dismissing plaintiffs opposition to the registration of defendants trademarks...
06/20/2018 16-2375
Moldex-Metric, Inc. v. McKeon Products, Inc.
United States Ninth Circuit
Trademark, Intellectual Property, Trade Dress
Reversing the district court's summary judgment in favor of the defendant in a suit for trademark infringement relating to foam earplugs in a specific...
06/05/2018 16-55548

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