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Bodum USA, Inc. v. A Top New Casting Inc.

United States Seventh Circuit
Intellectual Property, Trade Dress
Held that the manufacturer of a coffeemaker infringed the unregistered trade dress of a competitor's widely lauded product by mimicking the overall...
06/12/2019 18‐3020

High Point Design, LLC v. LM Insurance Corp.

United States Second Circuit
Insurance Law, Trade Dress
Affirmed that insurance companies had a duty to provide a defense to a footwear wholesaler that was being sued in an intellectual property case for...
12/19/2018 16‐1446‐cv

OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc. v. West Worldwide Services, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Trade Dress, False Advertising, Intellectual Property
Affirmed a judgment of liability under the Lanham Act for reverse passing off. At trial, a jury found that a manufacturer of industrial tires had...
07/24/2018 16-35897

Moldex-Metric, Inc. v. McKeon Products, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Trademark, Intellectual Property, Trade Dress
Reversing the district court's summary judgment in favor of the defendant in a suit for trademark infringement relating to foam earplugs in a specific...
06/05/2018 16-55548

Adidas America, Inc. v. Sketchers USA, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Trade Dress, Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property
Affirming in part and reversing in part a preliminary injunction prohibiting Sketchers from selling shoes that allegedly infringe and dilute Adidas's...
05/10/2018 16-35204

Evans v. Building Materials Corp. of Am.

United States Federal Circuit
Patent, Trade Dress, Intellectual Property, Contracts
In a complaint alleging design-patent infringement under federal law as well as trade-dress infringement and unfair competition under federal and...
06/05/2017 2016-2427

Direct Technologies, LLC v. Electronic Arts, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Trade Dress, Copyright, Cyberspace Law
In a copyright infringement and trade secret case arising out of a contract for plaintiff to produce a USB flash drive shaped like a 'PlumbBob' a...
09/06/2016 14-56266, 14-56745

Millennium Laboratories, Inc. v. Ameritox, Ltd.

United States Ninth Circuit
Trade Dress, Intellectual Property
In a trade dress action, the district court's grant of summary judgment to defendant is reversed where there is a genuine fact issue as to whether...
04/04/2016 13-56577

Apple v. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

United States Federal Circuit
Intellectual Property, Patent, Trade Dress
(Industry: Consumer Products)

In an infringement case involving intellectual property related to the iPhone,a jury verdict finding that Samsung infringed Apple's design and utility...
05/18/2015 14-1335

Fair Wind Sailing Inc v. H. Dempster

United States Third Circuit
Injury & Tort Law, Intellectual Property, Trade Dress
In this action alleging that defendants infringed upon plaintiff's trade dress in violation of the Lanham Act and unjustly enriched themselves by...
09/04/2014 13-3305
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