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SportFuel, Inc. v. PepsiCo, Inc.

United States Seventh Circuit
Trademark, Intellectual Property
Affirmed. Gatorade's use of the slogan "Gatorade The Sports Fuel Company" was fair use protected by the Lantham Act in a suit alleging trademark...
08/02/2019 18-3010

The Estate of Stanley Kauffmann v. Rochester Institute of Technology

United States Second Circuit
Intellectual Property
Reversed and remanded. The court concluded the 44 articles at issue were not works made for hire under the Copyright Act of 1976. District Court’s...
08/01/2019 18-2404-cv

Iancu v. Brunetti

United States Supreme Court
Trademark, Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property
Struck down a statutory provision that prohibits the registration of immoral or scandalous trademarks. An entrepreneur who founded a new clothing line...
06/24/2019 18–302

Bodum USA, Inc. v. A Top New Casting Inc.

United States Seventh Circuit
Intellectual Property, Trade Dress
Held that the manufacturer of a coffeemaker infringed the unregistered trade dress of a competitor's widely lauded product by mimicking the overall...
06/12/2019 18‐3020

Uncommon, LLC v. Spigen, Inc.

United States Seventh Circuit
Trademark, Intellectual Property
Held that a manufacturer of cellphone cases did not hold a valid trademark in the term CAPSULE. Affirmed a summary judgment in favor of the defendant...
06/11/2019 18-1917

Return Mail, Inc. v. Postal Service

United States Supreme Court
Intellectual Property, Patent
Held that the U.S. Postal Service was barred here from challenging a private company's patent for a method for processing mail. Because federal...
06/10/2019 17–1594

Gold Value International Textile Inc. v. Sanctuary Clothing, LLC

United States Ninth Circuit
Intellectual Property, Copyright
Held that a clothing manufacturer could not proceed with a copyright infringement lawsuit against a competitor that allegedly copied a fabric design...
06/04/2019 17-55818

Barrington Music Products, Inc. v. Music and Arts Center

United States Seventh Circuit
Trademark, Intellectual Property
Addressed a damages issue in a case where a jury found that a musical instrument retailer infringed another retailer's trademark. Affirmed the denial...
05/22/2019 18‐2945

Mission Product Holdings, Inc. v. Tempnology, LLC

United States Supreme Court
Trademark, Bankruptcy Law, Intellectual Property
Held that a bankrupt company's rejection of a trademark licensing agreement did not deprive its licensee of the rights to use the trademark. The U.S....
05/20/2019 17–1657

Media Rights Technologies, Inc. v. Microsoft Corp.

United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Intellectual Property, Copyright
Revived a tech company's copyright infringement claims against a competitor. Held that claim preclusion did not bar the company from asserting...
05/02/2019 17-16509
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