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City of Joliet, Illinois v. New West L.P.
United States Seventh Circuit
Government Law, Property Law & Real Estate
In a dispute between a city and an apartment complex, vacated a ruling regarding ownership of a nearly $3 million reserve fund that the U.S....
04/18/2019 18-1787
TransparentGov Novato v. City of Novato
California Court of Appeal
Government Law
Held that a citizen group could not proceed with its claim that a city council violated California's open-meeting law. There was no justiciable...
04/10/2019 A152324
National Asian American Coalition v. Newsom
California Court of Appeal
Government Law
Held that California officials unlawfully diverted $330 million to the state's General Fund from the National Mortgage Settlement Deposit Fund (a fund...
04/02/2019 C079835
Olson v. Hornbrook Community Services District
California Court of Appeal
Government Law, Water Law
Revived claims that a California water district unreasonably limited public comment on certain agenda items, among other things. Reversed a dismissal...
03/26/2019 C084494
Steinle v. City and County of San Francisco
United States Ninth Circuit
Government Law, Immigration Law, Injury & Tort Law
Held that San Francisco was not liable for the death of a woman who was shot by an undocumented alien with a criminal record who had been released...
03/25/2019 17-16283
Boling v. Public Employment Relations Board
California Court of Appeal
Government Law, ERISA, Labor & Employment Law
Addressed the remedy to be imposed against the City of San Diego for violating meet and confer obligations. The mayor had advanced a pension reform...
03/25/2019 D069626
California Department of Finance v. City of Merced
California Court of Appeal
Government Law
Addressed a dispute between the State of California and the City of Merced involving what, if any, monies had to be disgorged when the city's former...
03/22/2019 C085761
Dettelis v. Sharbaugh
United States Second Circuit
Government Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Held that probation officials were entitled to qualified immunity from a claim of malicious prosecution, in a case where a man alleged that they...
03/20/2019 17-4150-cv
Herrera v. City of Palmdale
United States Ninth Circuit
Property Law & Real Estate, Government Law, Civil Procedure
Held that it was proper to abstain from hearing motel owners' claims that city officials violated their rights in shutting down the motel, because the...
03/20/2019 17-55761
Tooly v. Schwaller
United States Second Circuit
Government Law, Labor & Employment Law, Education Law
Held that the president of a state university was entitled to qualified immunity from a claim that he infringed an employee's procedural due process...
03/20/2019 17‐3564‐cv

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