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Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. v. Orlando Fire Protection District

United States Seventh Circuit
Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Government Contracts
District court's granting of summary judgment and bench verdict for Defendant affirmed. Sherman Act claim fails where the only current feasible way to...
07/15/2019 18-2926

Apple, Inc. v. Pepper

United States Supreme Court
Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Consumer Protection Law
Held that consumers could proceed with an antitrust lawsuit alleging that Apple Inc. used monopolistic power to overcharge for iPhone apps. Apple...
05/13/2019 17–204

Front Line Motor Cars v. Webb

California Court of Appeal
Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Consumer Protection Law
Upheld sanctions that the Department of Motor Vehicles imposed on a car dealer. The dealer should have returned buyers' down payments when it...
05/13/2019 G056061

IQ Dental Supply v Henry Schein, Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law, Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Plaintiff brought suit against three dental supply distributors alleging that they conspired to violate antitrust laws. The trial court dismissed...
05/10/2019 18‐175‐cv

LLM Bar Exam, LLC v. Barbri, Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Held that a company offering bar exam review courses did not plausibly plead that a competitor conspired with certain law schools to enable it to...
04/25/2019 17‐3463‐cv

Retractable Technologies, Inc. v. Becton Dickinson and Co.

United States Fifth Circuit
False Advertising, Drugs & Biotech, Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Held that a manufacturer of medical syringes that falsely advertised its products did not have to disgorge its profits. That remedy would not be...
03/26/2019 17-40960

Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board v. Federal Trade Commission

United States Fifth Circuit
Property Law & Real Estate, Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Administrative Law
Held that the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board's petition for review was premature in a case where the Federal Trade Commission had charged it...
02/28/2019 18-60291

US v. AT&T, Inc.

United States DC Circuit
Media Law, Communications Law, Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Held that the federal government could not block a proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner. The government had sued to enjoin the vertical...
02/26/2019 18-5214

Richmond Compassionate Care Collective v. 7 Stars Holistic Foundation Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Affirmed the denial of an anti-SLAPP motion, in a lawsuit accusing certain organizations and individuals of attempting to restrain trade and...
02/21/2019 A153305

Connecticut Fine Wine and Spirits LLC v. Seagull

United States Second Circuit
Antitrust & Trade Regulation
Held that Connecticut law governing liquor pricing is not preempted by federal antitrust law. Affirmed the dismissal of a liquor retailer's complaint,...
02/20/2019 17-2003-cv