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Cochise Consultancy, Inc. v. US ex rel. Hunt

United States Supreme Court
Civil Procedure, Government Contracts
Clarified the statute of limitations in qui tam lawsuits. Justice Thomas delivered the Court's unanimous opinion in this case involving the False...
05/13/2019 18–315

U.S. ex rel. Lemon v. Nurses To Go, Inc.

United States Fifth Circuit
Health Law, Government Benefits, Government Contracts
Revived a lawsuit brought by several employees of a hospice care provider alleging that their employer had billed Medicare improperly. Reversed the...
05/07/2019 18-20326

US v. L-3 Communications EOTech, Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Government Contracts
Held that a former qui tam relator was not entitled to share in the government's recovery against a company under the False Claims Act in light of his...
04/04/2019 17-0621

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 848 v. City of Monterey Park (First Transit, Inc.)

California Court of Appeal
Transportation, Labor & Employment Law, Government Contracts
Revived a labor union's claim that a municipality violated a law concerning contract bidding when it hired a new private company to operate its...
01/07/2019 B282971

Alliance for Open Society International, Inc. v. US Agency for International Development

United States Second Circuit
Government Contracts, Health Law, Constitutional Law
Held that the U.S. government could not constitutionally deny funding to fight HIV/AIDS abroad based on a foreign organization's failure to adopt a...
12/20/2018 15-974

Betzner v. Boeing Co.

United States Seventh Circuit
Government Contracts, Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law
Held that a manufacturer of military aircraft that was sued in state court in an asbestos-related personal injury action was entitled to remove the...
12/14/2018 18-2582

Kaanaana v. Barrett Business Services, Inc.

California Court of Appeal
Labor & Employment Law, Government Contracts
Held that the prevailing wage law applied here because the contractors (belt sorters at county recycling facilities) were engaged in public work. On a...
11/30/2018 B276420

John Russo Industrial Sheetmetal, Inc. v. City of Los Angeles Department of Airports

California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Government Contracts
Upheld an attorney fee award to a government contractor that defeated a municipality's claim brought under the California False Claims Act, even...
11/26/2018 A151729

Citizens for Amending Proposition L v. City of Pomona

California Court of Appeal
Environmental Law, Government Contracts
Held that the City of Pomona violated the terms of a 1993 ballot initiative prohibiting the construction of additional billboards within city limits....
11/07/2018 B283740

US ex rel. Vaughn v. United Biologics LLC

United States Fifth Circuit
Health Law, Government Contracts
Affirmed the voluntary dismissal of a qui tam action that a group of physicians brought against a company operating allergy treatment clinics. Over...
10/17/2018 17-20389