Description Date Docket #
Kaanaana v. Barrett Business Services, Inc.
California Court of Appeal
Labor & Employment Law, Government Contracts
Held that the prevailing wage law applied here because the contractors (belt sorters at county recycling facilities) were engaged in public work. On a...
11/30/2018 B276420
John Russo Industrial Sheetmetal, Inc. v. City of Los Angeles Department of Airports
California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Government Contracts
Upheld an attorney fee award to a government contractor that defeated a municipality's claim brought under the California False Claims Act, even...
11/26/2018 A151729
Citizens for Amending Proposition L v. City of Pomona
California Court of Appeal
Environmental Law, Government Contracts
Held that the City of Pomona violated the terms of a 1993 ballot initiative prohibiting the construction of additional billboards within city limits....
11/07/2018 B283740
US ex rel. Vaughn v. United Biologics LLC
United States Fifth Circuit
Health Law, Government Contracts
Affirmed the voluntary dismissal of a qui tam action that a group of physicians brought against a company operating allergy treatment clinics. Over...
10/17/2018 17-20389
US ex rel. Silver v. PharMerica Corp.
United States Third Circuit
Health Law, Government Contracts
Reinstated a False Claims Act lawsuit alleging fraud in connection with the sale of pharmaceutical drugs to nursing homes. The defendant company,...
09/04/2018 16-4418
US ex rel. Wood v. Allergan, Inc.
United States Second Circuit
Drugs & Biotech, Government Contracts
Held that a False Claims Act lawsuit had to be dismissed because it was not the first-filed case accusing the defendant pharmaceutical company of...
08/09/2018 17‐2191‐cv
Shell Oil Co. v. US
United States Federal Circuit
Government Contracts, Environmental Law, Oil and Gas Law
Affirmed that the U.S. government had breached certain World War II-era contracts with several oil companies. In this long-running litigation, the oil...
07/18/2018 17-1695
US ex rel. Palmer v. C&D Technologies Inc.
United States Third Circuit
Attorney's Fees, Government Contracts
Affirmed, in large part, an attorney fee award in a False Claims Act action that had been resolved by settlement. After the defendant agreed to settle...
07/17/2018 17-2350
Starry Associates v. US
United States Federal Circuit
Administrative Law, Government Contracts
Appeal to determine meaning of special factor in 28 USC 2412(d)(2)(A), Equal Access to Justice Act. When special factor is found the statutory...
06/22/2018 17-2148
Moda Health Plan, Inc. v. US
United States Federal Circuit
Insurance Law, Administrative Law, Government Contracts
In this insurance law claim a health insurer contends that the US failed to satisfy its payment obligation under a federal health insurance pool...
06/14/2018 17-1994

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