Description Date Docket #
Hall v. Berryhill
United States Seventh Circuit
Government Benefits
Upheld the denial of Social Security disability benefits to a man with a back injury, rejecting his contention that the ALJ improperly discounted his...
10/15/2018 17‐2628
Barrett v. Berryhill
United States Fifth Circuit
Government Benefits
Affirmed that a claimant seeking Social Security disability benefits had no absolute right to pose questions to a government-employed medical...
10/12/2018 17-41177
Harrington v. Berryhill
United States Seventh Circuit
Government Benefits, Tax Law, Attorney's Fees
Declined to hear a challenge to Treasury Offset Program regulations. A law firm ended up with nothing in legal fees because the government...
10/10/2018 17‐3179
Barrett v. Berryhill
United States Seventh Circuit
Government Benefits
Affirmed that an individual who applied for Social Security disability insurance benefits and supplemental security income was not entitled to them...
09/25/2018 17-2878
Cappetta v. Social Security Administration
United States Second Circuit
Government Benefits
Held that the Social Security Administration was justified in imposing an assessment and penalty on a recipient of disability benefits who failed to...
09/14/2018 16‐3540‐ag
Hayes v. Harvey
United States Third Circuit
Government Benefits, Property Law & Real Estate, Landlord Tenant Law
Reinstated a lawsuit brought by a family receiving governmental housing assistance seeking to enjoin their landlord from evicting them. The landlord...
08/31/2018 16-2692
Winters v. Wilkie
United States Federal Circuit
Government Benefits, Military Law, Attorney's Fees
Affirmed that a veteran's surviving spouse who had litigated over certain benefits was not entitled to an award of attorney fees. The spouse of a...
08/10/2018 17-1815
Torres-Pagan v. Berryhill
United States First Circuit
Juvenile Law, Government Benefits
Vacated an administrative ruling that terminated the Supplemental Security Income benefits of an individual who had received them since childhood for...
08/10/2018 17-2146
City and County of San Francisco v. Trump
United States Ninth Circuit
Government Benefits, Immigration Law, Constitutional Law
Held that President Trump's executive order withholding all federal grants from so-called sanctuary cities was unconstitutional. California...
08/01/2018 17-17480
US v. Green
United States Second Circuit
Government Benefits, Criminal Law & Procedure
Vacated a restitution order in a case where a woman stole veterans benefit payments that the government had mistakenly continued to send to her...
07/31/2018 16‐3044‐cr

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