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Omlansky v. Save Mart Supermarkets

California Court of Appeal
Health Law, Consumer Protection Law, Government Benefits
Affirmed. Plaintiff brought a qui tam action alleging that Defendant violated the False Claims Act in its billings to Medi-Cal. The trial court...
08/29/2019 C085294

Rodriguez v. Workers' Comp. Appeals Bd

California Court of Appeal
Workers' Compensation, Labor & Employment Law, Government Benefits
Plaintiff applied for disability retirement. His employer disputed his retirement and his claim of industrial causation. The Workers’ Compensation...
08/27/2019 H045698

Johnson v. Housing Authority of City of Oakland

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Government Benefits
Reversed. Defendant, housing authority, terminated Plaintiff’s federally funded subsidized housing program. The trial court ordered Defendant to...
08/09/2019 A154836

Boucher v. AGRI

United States Seventh Circuit
Agriculture, Government Benefits
Reversed. The removal of nine trees on a family farm in Indiana did not convert a family farm from wetlands into croplands, rendering it ineligible...
08/08/2019 16-1654

Robles v. Employment Development Dept

California Court of Appeal
Government Benefits, Attorney's Fees, Labor & Employment Law
Affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded. Plaintiff sued for the wrongful denial of unemployment benefits. On appeal, Plaintiff was granted...
08/01/2019 A148803

Crump v. Saul

United States Seventh Circuit
Government Benefits, Civil Procedure, Administrative Law
Vacated and remanded. The denial by an administrative law judge of an individual's application for disability benefits based on mental health...
07/31/2019 18-3491

D.C. Association of Chartered Public Schools v. District of Columbia

United States DC Circuit
Civil Procedure, Education Law, Government Benefits
Vacated and remanded. The district court dismissed claims by a group of chartered schools complaining about school funding practices but the case was...
07/19/2019 17-7155

Blaser v. State Teachers' Retirement System

California Court of Appeal
Education Law, Government Benefits
Reversed. Plaintiff, a retired teacher, sought relief to prevent Defendant from reducing retirement benefits and to restore monies wrongfully...
07/10/2019 H045071

In Re: Devan Dennis and Tyeane Halbert

United States Seventh Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Government Benefits
Affirmed. The Illinois Child Care Assistance Program could not collect overpayments made to debtors under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance...
06/27/2019 18-2899

Kisor v Wilkie

United States Supreme Court
Government Law, Administrative Law, Government Benefits
Vacated and remanded. Plaintiff is a Vietnam veteran who sought disability benefits from the Veterans Administration for post-traumatic stress. The VA...
06/26/2019 18-15
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