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In re D.R.

Family Law, International Law, Juvenile Law
Reversed as to Father only. Father of juveniles appealed from the denial of his motion to modify judgement claiming that he was not given adequate...
08/30/2019 B293330

In re J.F.

Juvenile Law, Family Law
Affirmed order terminating father’s parental rights. Father presented no reasoned argument why there was an error in terminating his rights and he...
08/26/2019 E070547

Marriage of Sahafzadeh-Taeb & Taeb

Sanctions, Family Law
Affirmed order imposing sanctions as to Trigger and reversed as to Taeb. Defendant Taeb and his attorney Trigger appealed order for sanctions for...
08/26/2019 A152178

In re A.E.

Juvenile Law, Family Law
Reversed order for juvenile reunification with parents. The trial court found that reunification was in the best interest of the children even though...
08/21/2019 E070578

New York State Citizens’ Coal. For Children v. Poole

Juvenile Law, Family Law
Denied. In a 6-5 vote, the panel majority declines to rehear the case en banc, holding that the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980...
08/16/2019 14-2919

In re A.W.

Administrative Law, Indian Law, Family Law
Order terminating parental rights and freeing child for adoption was reversed and remanded for determination of whether the child is a Chukchansi...
08/12/2019 C086160

In re L.C.

Juvenile Law, Family Law
Reversed. Held that a legal guardian’s occasional methamphetamine use outside of home and while child was in the care of another adult does not...
08/12/2019 B294490

S.C. v. G.S.

Family Law, Civil Procedure, Judges & Judiciary
Reverse order. Santa Clara County Department of Child Services brought a motion to adjust father’s child support payments to make up for arrears. The...
08/09/2019 H045093

In re C.M.

Juvenile Law, Family Law
Affirmed. The juvenile court awarded joint custody to the father and mother as part of an order terminating dependence jurisdiction. The father...
07/31/2019 B291817

In re E.W.

Juvenile Law, Family Law
Affirmed. The juvenile court awarded the father sole legal and physical custody and ordered that the mother have no visitation with the child. The...
07/29/2019 B295083
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