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Grafilo v. Wolfsohn

California Court of Appeal
Health Law, Ethics & Disciplinary Code
Held that a pain management physician did not have to produce the medical records of five of his patients pursuant to a subpoena issued by an...
04/02/2019 B287080

In re Lisse

United States Seventh Circuit
Sanctions, Ethics & Disciplinary Code
Upheld an attorney's suspension from the practice of law in the Western District of Wisconsin for "serial dilatory, vexatious and unprofessional...
04/01/2019 18-1866

In re Andry

United States Fifth Circuit
Oil and Gas Law, Ethics & Disciplinary Code
Held that an attorney was entitled to another hearing on whether he should be suspended from appearing before the district court. The case arose from...
03/27/2019 18-31245

Martinez v. O'Hara

California Court of Appeal
Ethics & Disciplinary Code, Ethics & Professional Responsibility
Held that an attorney committed misconduct by manifesting gender bias. Reported him to the State Bar. The attorney had filed a notice of appeal that...
02/28/2019 G054840

Moustafa v. Board of Registered Nursing

California Court of Appeal
Health Law, Ethics & Disciplinary Code
Held that the California Board of Registered Nursing could restrict a registered nurse's license (by making it probationary) based on her past...
12/10/2018 A150266

Barry v. Freshour

United States Fifth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Health Law, Ethics & Disciplinary Code
Held that the Texas Medical Board did not violate a physician's Fourth Amendment rights when it used its subpoena authority to gain immediate access...
10/04/2018 17-20726

Shenouda v. Veterinary Medical Board

California Court of Appeal
Ethics & Disciplinary Code, Professional Malpractice
Upheld a Veterinary Medical Board decision to take disciplinary action against a veterinarian for improperly treating four animal patients. Affirmed...
09/21/2018 B284738

Lanuza v. Love

United States Ninth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Immigration Law, Ethics & Disciplinary Code
Reversed the dismissal of a lawful permanent resident's Bivens action against a government immigration attorney who intentionally submitted a forged...
08/14/2018 15-35408

In re Bressman

United States Third Circuit
Judges & Judiciary, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Ethics & Disciplinary Code
In an ethics case, the bankruptcy court's order to vacate a default judgment against the debtor after finding that plaintiffs' attorney, Max...
10/18/2017 16-3244

McKenna v. Curtin

United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Ethics & Disciplinary Code, Constitutional Law
Affirming a district court dismissal of claims by an attorney suspended from the practice of law for a year in a suit against a host of judicial...
08/25/2017 17-1006
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