Description Date Docket #
Conte v. Emmons
United States Second Circuit
Entertainment Law, Injury & Tort Law, Contracts
Reversed the denial of a post-trial JMOL motion. In overturning a $1.3 million jury verdict, the appeals court held that a business owner failed to...
07/10/2018 17-869
USA v. Brian Charette
United States Ninth Circuit
Evidence, Entertainment Law
Affirmed in part, reversed in part, vacated, and remanded for retrial. Defendant killed a grizzly bear that was harassing his horses in Montana and...
06/26/2018 17-30059
Benaroya v. Willis
California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Entertainment Law, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
Reversing a trial court judgment relating to a motion picture company's contract to pay Bruce Willis to perform in a movie because the owner of the...
05/17/2018 B281761
American Entertainers, LLC v. City of Rocky Mount, North Carolina
United States Fourth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Entertainment Law
Affirming the district court's rejection of First Amendment violation claims brought by an exotic dancing venue complaining that a city regulates...
04/27/2018 171577.P
Halleck v. Manhattan Community Access Corporation
United States Second Circuit
Constitutional Law, Media Law, Communications Law, Entertainment Law
Affirming the dismissal for failure to state a claim allegations of First Amendment violations by the City of New York, but reversing as to Manhattan...
02/09/2018 16-4155-cv
Finkelman v. National Football League
United States Third Circuit
Sports Law, Entertainment Law, Civil Procedure, Commercial Law
Reversing a district court determination that a man complaining that the NFL's policies relating to the sale of SuperBowl tickets violated New Jersey...
12/15/2017 16-4087
Cleveland Nat. Forest v. San Diego Assn. of Governments
Supreme Court of California
Entertainment Law
Reversing the judgment of the Court of Appeal insofar as it determined that a 2011 analysis of greenhouse gas emission impacts prepared as part of a...
07/13/2017 S223603
Douglas Jordan--Benel v. Universal City Studios, Inc.
United States Ninth Circuit
Copyright, Constitutional Law, Media Law, Entertainment Law, Contracts
In the appeal of a breach of contract and copyright infringement case involving the movie 'The Purge,' the district court's denial of defendant's...
06/20/2017 15-56045
Matal v. Tam
United States Supreme Court
Intellectual Property, Trademark, Entertainment Law
In a trademark case in which the lead singer of the rock group 'The Slants' chose this moniker in order to 'reclaim' the term and drain its...
06/19/2017 15-1293
Santopietero v. Howell
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Entertainment Law
In an action in which a street performer-plaintiff and her friend, both dressed in 'sexy cop' costumes, posed with pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip...
05/24/2017 14-16324

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