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Jenni Rivera Enterprises v. Latin World Entertainment etc

California Court of Appeal
Communications Law, Entertainment Law
Reversed order denying Defendant’s motion to strike. Plaintiff represented deceased celebrity, Jenni Rivera, and they sought to restrict disclosure by...
06/25/2019 B279739

Brown v. Goldstein

California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Entertainment Law
Revived claims brought by members of the band WAR alleging that their music publisher breached a contract by failing to pay them certain song...
04/16/2019 B278949

Zakk v. Diesel

California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Entertainment Law
Revived a film producer's claim that he had an enforceable oral contract entitling him to an executive-producer credit for a film that was a sequel to...
03/25/2019 B284432

MDQ, LLC v. Gilbert, Kelly, Crowley and Jennett LLP

California Court of Appeal
Commercial Law, Entertainment Law
In an interpleader action, addressed a dispute among parties connected to the production of a Tony-award winning Broadway musical. Held that a...
02/27/2019 B283025

Symmonds v. Mahoney

California Court of Appeal
Civil Rights, Labor & Employment Law, Entertainment Law
Held that a rock star's decision to terminate his drummer implicated free speech rights. The fired drummer alleged that he was let go because of his...
02/01/2019 B283529

Capitol Records, LLC v. ReDigi Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property, Copyright
Affirmed a finding of copyright infringement, in a lawsuit that involved copyrighted music recordings resold through an internet platform. The suit...
12/12/2018 16‐2321

National Association of African American-Owned Media v. Charter Communications, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Entertainment Law, Media Law, Civil Rights
Held that an African American-owned operator of television networks sufficiently pleaded a claim that a cable television operator refused to enter...
11/19/2018 17-55723

Doe v. Marine-Lombard

United States Fifth Circuit
Entertainment Law, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law
In an amended opinion, held that Louisiana statutes requiring certain erotic dancers at nightclubs to be 21 years of age or older was not...
11/16/2018 17-30292

Wilson v. Dynatone Publishing Co.

United States Second Circuit
Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property, Copyright
Held that a copyright ownership claim was timely filed. The statute of limitations was not triggered by the defendants' act of registering their...
11/14/2018 17‐1549

Fahmy v. Jay-Z

United States Ninth Circuit
Copyright, Entertainment Law
In an amended opinion, held that an Egyptian musical composer's heir could not sue the rapper Jay-Z and other defendants for copyright infringement....
11/01/2018 16-55213
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