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In re US Office of Personnel Management Data Security Breach Litigation

United States DC Circuit
Government Law, Cyberspace Law, Injury & Tort Law
Revived claims that the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's woefully inadequate cybersecurity practices enabled hackers to steal personal data about...
06/21/2019 17-5217

Duguid v. Facebook, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Cyberspace Law, Communications Law, Debt Collection
Struck down as unconstitutional a 2015 amendment to the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act that created a debt-collection exception. The issue...
06/13/2019 17-15320

Marshall's Locksmith Service v. Google, LLC

United States DC Circuit
Media Law, Cyberspace Law
Held that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo were not liable for allegedly conspiring to flood the market of online search results with information about...
06/07/2019 18-7018

In re Holl

United States Ninth Circuit
Cyberspace Law, Consumer Protection Law, Contracts
Held that a retail customer must arbitrate a dispute with a package delivery company because the online contract he electronically signed contained an...
05/30/2019 18-70568

BWP Media USA Inc. v. Polyvore, Inc.

United States Second Circuit
Media Law, Cyberspace Law, Copyright
Revived a media company's claim that a popular website infringed its copyright in certain photographs of famous celebrities. The website, which...
04/17/2019 16‐2825‐cv

Erickson Productions, Inc. v. Kast

United States Ninth Circuit
Cyberspace Law, Copyright
Affirmed that a business owner contributorily infringed copyrighted photographs by displaying them on his website. However, remanded for further...
04/16/2019 15-16801

Robinson v. Hunt County, Texas

United States Fifth Circuit
Cyberspace Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Revived a citizen's claim that a sheriff's office Facebook page unconstitutionally censored speech. She claimed that her controversial comments were...
04/15/2019 18-10238

VHT, Inc. v. Zillow Group, Inc.

United States Ninth Circuit
Cyberspace Law, Property Law & Real Estate, Copyright
In a copyright infringement lawsuit against the real estate website Zillow, reversed a judgment after a jury trial, in part. A photography studio...
03/15/2019 17-35587, Inc. v. City of Santa Monica

United States Ninth Circuit
Cyberspace Law, Constitutional Law, Landlord Tenant Law
Upheld a beach town's ordinance imposing restrictions on companies, such as Airbnb Inc., that host online platforms for short-term vacation rentals....
03/13/2019 18-55367

US v. Ayelotan

United States Fifth Circuit
Cyberspace Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed the convictions of three individuals for operating an international romance scam, in which they used online dating methods to dupe...
03/04/2019 17-60397