Description Date Docket #
Bunker Holdings Ltd. v. Yang Ming Liberia Corp.
United States Ninth Circuit
Held that a marine fuel supplier was not entitled to a maritime lien on a cargo ship to which it had supplied bunkers (marine fuel), under the...
10/11/2018 16-35539
Shell Offshore, Inc. v. Tesla Offshore, LLC
United States Fifth Circuit
Admiralty, Oil and Gas Law, Injury & Tort Law
Held that a company surveying the ocean floor was properly apportioned 75 percent of the liability for an accident in which its underwater sonar...
10/05/2018 16-30528
US v. Nature's Way Marine LLC
United States Fifth Circuit
Admiralty, Environmental Law, Oil and Gas Law
Held that the owner of a tugboat was also considered to be operating an oil barge that the tugboat was moving at the time the barge collided with a...
09/21/2018 17-60698
Holzhauer v. Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District
United States Ninth Circuit
Admiralty, Transportation, Injury & Tort Law
Held that a boat owner was not liable under maritime law for causing his recreational speedboat to crash into a passenger ferry. The wife of an...
08/10/2018 16-15942
Christie v. Georgia-Pacific Co.
United States Ninth Circuit
Admiralty, Workers' Compensation, Labor & Employment Law
Reversed a denial of benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. An employee argued that he was entitled to receive workers'...
08/02/2018 17-70853
Leopard Marine & Trading Ltd. v. Easy Street Ltd.
United States Second Circuit
International Trade, Admiralty
Affirmed that a maritime lien had been extinguished by laches in a case where a Cypriot fuel supplier sought to enforce its lien against a Maltese...
07/13/2018 16‐1356‐cv
ING Bank N.V. v. M/V Maritime King
United States Second Circuit
Commercial Law, Admiralty
Affirmed. In a case involving competing maritime lien claims against a vessel, the trial court did not err in reducing the amount of security that...
07/06/2018 16-3944-cv
Liberty Woods International, Inc. v. Motor Vessel Ocean Quartz
United States Third Circuit
Admiralty, International Trade, Injury & Tort Law
Affirming the dismissal of an in rem suit filed against a ship for cargo damage sustained in transit because liability for the damage was covered by...
05/04/2018 16-4195
D'Amico Dry Limited v. Primera Maritime Limited
United States Second Circuit
Admiralty, International Law, Contracts, Civil Procedure
Vacating and remanding a case that had been dismissed after bench trial for lack of subject matter jurisdiction involving an English court's judgment...
03/29/2018 16-3125-cv
DS-Rendite v. Essar Capital Americas Inc.
United States Second Circuit
Civil Procedure, Debt Collection, Admiralty
Affirming the denial of appellant's motion for maritime attachment and garnishment under Rule B of the Supplemental Rules for Admiralty or Maritime...
02/06/2018 15-3777-cv

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