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Ontiveros v. Constable
California Court of Appeal
Corp. Governance, Corporation & Enterprise Law
In a case in which a minority shareholder sued a majority shareholder, reversed and remanded with directions to reinstitute a special proceeding under...
09/18/2018 D072437
In re Sino Clean Energy, Inc.
United States Ninth Circuit
Corporation & Enterprise Law, Bankruptcy Law, Corp. Governance
Held that former board members of a corporation lacked corporate authority when they filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition. The board members argued...
08/27/2018 17-15316
GameStop, Inc. v. Superior Court
California Court of Appeal
Corporation & Enterprise Law, Commercial Law, Consumer Protection Law
Petition for writ of mandate denied in a case where The People of California filed suit to enjoin the plaintiff from noncompliance with the Unfair...
08/22/2018 E068701
Slone v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
United States Ninth Circuit
Corporation & Enterprise Law, Tax Law, Corp. Governance
Held that shareholders were liable for taxes on proceeds from the sale of a close corporation. The Internal Revenue Service sued the shareholders,...
07/24/2018 16-73354
Altera Corp. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
United States Ninth Circuit
Tax Law, Corporation & Enterprise Law
Upheld an Internal Revenue Service regulation addressing the tax treatment of employee stock options. In a ruling that has tax implications for...
07/24/2018 16-70496
Petersen Energía Inversora, S.A.U. v. Argentine Republic
United States Second Circuit
Corporation & Enterprise Law, International Law, Oil and Gas Law
Affirmed the denial of a motion to dismiss based on foreign sovereign immunity under the Foreign Sovereignty Immunity Act in a securities lawsuit...
07/10/2018 16‐3303‐cv(L)
Ohio v American Express Co.
United States Supreme Court
Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Corporation & Enterprise Law
The US Supreme Court held that American Express (Amex) anti-steering provisions, in its agreement with merchants to prohibit merchants who take Amex...
06/25/2018 16-1454
WMI Holdings Corp. v. US
United States Federal Circuit
Tax Law, Corporation & Enterprise Law
Affirming the US Court of Federal Claims dismissal of a company's action seeking refunds for losses and deductions its predecessor company allegedly...
06/04/2018 17-1944
Summers v. The Superior Court of San Francisco County
California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Property Law & Real Estate, Corporation & Enterprise Law
Construing the appeal of a trial court order requiring a party whose ownership interests were contested to be a petition for writ of mandate and...
06/01/2018 A151128
Heavenly Hana LLC v. Hotel Union & Hotel Industry of Hawaii Pension Plan
United States Ninth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Labor & Employment Law, Corporation & Enterprise Law
Reversing a district court judgment to the plaintiffs following a bench trail in an action under the Multiemployer Pension Plan Amendment Act because...
06/01/2018 16-15481

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