Description Date Docket #
Labatte v. US
United States Federal Circuit
Contracts, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law
Reversed and remanded where the plaintiff appealed from a judgment of the Court of Federal Claims which had dismissed his complaint for lack of...
08/16/2018 17-2396
Moore v. Urquhart
United States Ninth Circuit
Landlord Tenant Law, Property Law & Real Estate, Constitutional Law
Held that tenants could proceed with a constitutional challenge to a Washington statute that in some circumstances allows evictions without a court...
08/16/2018 16-36086
Colvin v. Keen
United States Second Circuit
Education Law, Government Law, Constitutional Law
Held that officials of a state college had qualified immunity from an employee's claim that she was fired for exercising her First Amendment rights. A...
08/15/2018 16-3650
Bland v. City of Newark
United States Third Circuit
Government Law, Constitutional Law
Held that police officers were entitled to qualified immunity from claims arising out of a wild high-speed chase that ended with the motorist being...
08/15/2018 17-2228
Lanuza v. Love
United States Ninth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Immigration Law, Ethics & Disciplinary Code
Reversed the dismissal of a lawful permanent resident's Bivens action against a government immigration attorney who intentionally submitted a forged...
08/14/2018 15-35408
Askins v. US Department of Homeland Security
United States Ninth Circuit
Immigration Law, Constitutional Law
Held that two individuals adequately stated a claim that United States Customs and Border Protection unlawfully confiscated photographs they took of...
08/14/2018 16-55719
Manning v. Caldwell
United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law
Rejected a constitutional challenge to Virginia's interdiction statute, under which a person can be civilly designated a habitual drunkard and subject...
08/09/2018 17-1320
Clark v. City of Seattle
United States Ninth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Labor & Employment Law
Affirmed the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by a group of Uber and Lyft drivers to challenge a 2015 Seattle ordinance that established a multistep...
08/09/2018 17-35693
Johnson v. County of Mendocino
California Court of Appeal
Elections, Tax Law, Constitutional Law
Affirmed the dismissal of a lawsuit challenging the validity of a Mendocino County ballot measure that imposed a tax on commercial cannabis...
08/08/2018 A152004
Gallinger v. Becerra
United States Ninth Circuit
Constitutional Law, Education Law
Affirmed the dismissal of an action challenging California's 2015 amendment to its Gun-Free School Zone Act. Gun owners and firearms organizations...
08/03/2018 16-56125

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