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Guedes v. ATF
United States DC Circuit
Constitutional Law, Administrative Law
Refused to enjoin a rule that classifies bump-stock devices as machine guns under the National Firearms Act. Bump-stock owners and advocates filed...
04/01/2019 19-5042
Bank of Louisiana v. FDIC
United States Fifth Circuit
Banking Law, Administrative Law
Held that a bank could not proceed with its lawsuit against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. There was no subject matter jurisdiction over...
03/28/2019 17-30044
Iopa v. Saltchuk-Young Brothers, Ltd.
United States Ninth Circuit
Workers' Compensation, Administrative Law
Held that a claimant waited too long to file a petition for attorney fees after successfully litigating claims for temporary disability benefits under...
03/04/2019 17-70415
Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board v. Federal Trade Commission
United States Fifth Circuit
Property Law & Real Estate, Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Administrative Law
Held that the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisers Board's petition for review was premature in a case where the Federal Trade Commission had charged it...
02/28/2019 18-60291
Ray v. Berryhill
United States Seventh Circuit
Administrative Law, Government Benefits
Held that the Social Security Administration made errors in evaluating a man's eligibility for disability insurance benefits and supplemental security...
02/12/2019 18-2229
Winsted v. Berryhill
United States Seventh Circuit
Administrative Law, Government Benefits
Held that the Social Security Administration did not adequately explain why it denied a man's application for disability insurance benefits and...
02/08/2019 18‐2228
Gill v. US Department of Justice
United States Ninth Circuit
Government Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Upheld the federal government's so-called Functional Standard for sharing of terrorism-related information. U.S. citizens who were the subjects of...
01/29/2019 17-16107
Sierra Club, Inc. v. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
United States Ninth Circuit
Administrative Law, Government Law, Environmental Law
In a Freedom of Information Act case, held that the Sierra Club was entitled to certain records generated during the Environmental Protection Agency's...
12/21/2018 17-16560
County of Butte v. Department of Water Resources
California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Water Law
Held that plaintiffs could not proceed with a challenge to the licensing of a hydroelectric dam. The plaintiffs argued that the licensing process...
12/20/2018 C071785
Hyatt v. Office of Management and Budget
United States Ninth Circuit
Intellectual Property, Administrative Law
Held that an individual could obtain judicial review of the federal government's denial of his petition under the Paperwork Reduction Act, which...
11/15/2018 17-17101

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