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American Bankers Association v. National Credit Union Administration

United States DC Circuit
Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Banking Law
Remanded. A final rule issued by the National Credit Union Administration intended to make it easier for community credit unions to expand their...
08/20/2019 18-5154

California Communities Against Toxics v. EPA

United States DC Circuit
Civil Procedure, Administrative Law
Dismissed. The Wehrum Memo relating to air quality was not a final agency action, so the court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to hear complaints...
08/20/2019 18-1085

Twin Rivers Paper Company LLC v. SEC

United States DC Circuit
Banking Law, Administrative Law, Securities Law, Civil Procedure
Petition for review denied. A consumer advocacy organization and representatives of the paper industry sued over an SEC rule allowing investment...
08/16/2019 18-1213

Children's Hospital Ass'n v. Azar

United States DC Circuit
Health Law, Administrative Law
Reversed. The district court's decision to vacate a regulation defining "costs incurred" within the Medicaid Act was reversed because the regulatory...
08/13/2019 18-7135

Effex Capital, LLC v. National Futures Association

United States Seventh Circuit
Civil Procedure, Banking Law, Administrative Law
Affirmed. Claims by a company that the National Futures Association defamed it in documents relating to a settlement were properly dismissed because...
08/13/2019 18-1914

Higgs v. US State Park Police

United States Seventh Circuit
Government Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirmed. The FBI's refusal to turn over materials relating to the investigation of a murder on state park land that would violate the personal...
08/13/2019 18-2937


United States Ninth Circuit
Administrative Law
Affirmed. Concluded that the term “individual” in the context of expedited Freedom of Information Act requests does not include animals as well as...
08/12/2019 18-16327

In re A.W.

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Indian Law, Family Law
Order terminating parental rights and freeing child for adoption was reversed and remanded for determination of whether the child is a Chukchansi...
08/12/2019 C086160

Johnson v. Housing Authority of City of Oakland

California Court of Appeal
Administrative Law, Government Benefits
Reversed. Defendant, housing authority, terminated Plaintiff’s federally funded subsidized housing program. The trial court ordered Defendant to...
08/09/2019 A154836

Wynnewod Refining Co. LLC v. OSHC

United States Fifth Circuit
Administrative Law, Government Law, Civil Procedure
Granted. The motion to transfer a lawsuit involving the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission to the Tenth Circuit was granted because...
08/08/2019 19-60357