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Azar v. Allina Health Services

United States Supreme Court
Health Law, Administrative Law, Government Benefits
Held that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services neglected its statutory notice-and-comment obligations when it revealed a new policy that...
06/03/2019 17–1484

Smith v. Berryhill

United States Supreme Court
Administrative Law, Government Benefits
On a question of administrative law, held that where the Social Security Administration Appeals Council has dismissed a request for review as untimely...
05/28/2019 17–1606

Madison v. U.S. Department of Labor Administrative Review Board

United States Seventh Circuit
Labor & Employment Law, Administrative Law
Held that an individual's petition to the Department of Labor's Administrative Review Board was untimely, in a case where she claimed that her...
05/24/2019 18-1800

Thompson v Barr

United States Second Circuit
Administrative Law, Immigration Law, Civil Procedure
Denied petition for review of decision by Board of Immigration for removal. In denying, the appeals court ruled that second-degree assault under New...
05/13/2019 17‐3494

Sparre v. LABR

United States Seventh Circuit
Labor & Employment Law, Administrative Law
Plaintiff, a locomotive engineer, challenged the final orders and judgments in his lawsuit where he asserted violations of the Federal Railroad Safety...
05/10/2019 18‐1105

Benjamin v SSA

United States Fifth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Administrative Law, Government Benefits
Reversed and remanded. Plaintiff received over-payment of Social Security disability payments and the SSA sought to recoup the over-payment. Plaintiff...
05/10/2019 18-20185

Mercury Ins. Co. v Lara

California Court of Appeal
Civil Procedure, Insurance Law, Administrative Law
Judgment reversed and remanded. Defendant prevailed at an administrative hearing and civil penalties were imposed against Mercury. Mercury filed a...
05/09/2019 G054496

Guedes v. ATF

United States DC Circuit
Constitutional Law, Administrative Law
Refused to enjoin a rule that classifies bump-stock devices as machine guns under the National Firearms Act. Bump-stock owners and advocates filed...
04/01/2019 19-5042

Bank of Louisiana v. FDIC

United States Fifth Circuit
Banking Law, Administrative Law
Held that a bank could not proceed with its lawsuit against the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. There was no subject matter jurisdiction over...
03/28/2019 17-30044

Iopa v. Saltchuk-Young Brothers, Ltd.

United States Ninth Circuit
Workers' Compensation, Administrative Law
Held that a claimant waited too long to file a petition for attorney fees after successfully litigating claims for temporary disability benefits under...
03/04/2019 17-70415