United States Seventh Circuit

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US v. HATCHETT, 99-2305

A conviction and sentence for distributing crack cocaine and aiding and abetting a purchaser's re-sale of the same cocaine does not amount to an impermissible multiple punishment for a single offense.

Appellate Information

  • Argued 12/07/1999
  • Decided 03/26/2001
  • Published 03/26/2001


  • ILANA DIAMOND ROVNER, Circuit Judge., Before WOOD, Jr., RIPPLE, and ROVNER, Circuit Judges.


  • United States Seventh Circuit


  • For Appellees:
  • Robert Anderson (argued), Peggy A. Lautenschlager, Office of the U.S. Atty., Madison, WI, for Plaintiff-Appellee., Jordan Loeb (argued), Cullen, Weston, Pines & Bach, Madison, WI, for Defendant-Appellant.
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