United States Third Circuit

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In re: Briscoe, 04-4086

A petition for a writ of mandamus in the Multidistrict Diet Drug Product Liability Litigation seeking to direct a district court to remand petitioners' cases to state court following removal based on diversity is denied where petitioners failed to establish both that there was "no other adequate means" to attain the relief sought, and that their right to the writ was "clear and indisputable."

Appellate Information

  • Argued 12/13/2005
  • Decided 05/15/2006
  • Published 05/15/2006


  • Before SLOVITER, SMITH and STAPLETON, Circuit Judges.


  • United States Third Circuit


  • For Appellant:
  • Sylvia Davidow, Fleming & Associates, Houston, TX, Thomas C. Goldstein (Argued), Goldstein & Howe, Washington, DC, Jonathan S. Massey (Argued), Bethesda, MD, for Petitioners Karen Briscoe, et al., Alfred Lara, et al., Debra Alexander, et al., Rhonda Allen, et al., Mary Green, et al., Glenda D. Abbott, et al. and Leslie Bales, et al., Matthew W. Bobo, Broome, Bobo & Greene, Irving, TX, for Nancy Scheinost., Michael L. O'Brien, Houston, TX, for Amicus-Petitioner Opt-Out Plaintiffs' Counsel (O'Brien Group)., Bryan F. Aylstock, Aylstock, Witkin & Sasser, Pensacola, FL, for Amicus-Petitioner Opt-Out Plaintiffs' Counsel (Aylstock Group)., John E. Williams, Jr., Williams Bailey Law Firm, Houston, TX, for Amicus-Petitioner Williams Bailey Law Firm, LLP.

  • For Appellees:
  • Fred S. Longer, Arnold Levin, Michael D. Fishbein, Levin, Fishbein, Sedran & Berman, Philadelphia, PA, for Respondents Plaintiffs' Management Committee and Plaintiffs' Class., Mary H. Smith, Smith & Smith, Houston, TX, for Respondents George O. Crisp, M.D., Jacqueline C. Hubbard, M.D., Frank Morehead, M.D., James Vosberg, M.D. and Brent Wallace, M.D., Russell G. Thornton, Stinnett Thiebaud & Remington, Dallas, TX, for Respondent Stinnett Thiebaud & Remington Physicians., Nancy N. Morrison, Naman, Howell, Smith & Lee, Waco, TX, for Respondents J.E. Madsen, M.D., James Weinblatt, M.D. and Morey Price, M.D., Jay H. Henderson, Cruse, Scott, Henderson & Allen, Houston, TX, for Respondent Cruse, Scott, Henderson & Allen Physicians., Nik A. Mimari, Patterson & Wagner, San Antonio, TX, for Respondents Michael Hesitand, M.D. and Carmen Llauger-Meir, M.D., Joseph M. Dunn, Evans & Rowe, San Antonio, TX, for Respondents Beau Meyer, M.D. and Sylvia Adams, M.D., Ann P. Watson, Lara M. Price, Sheehy, Serpe & Ware, Houston, TX, for Respondent Sheehy, Serpe & Ware Physicians., Douglas E. Markham, Callaway & Brenning, Houston, TX, for Respondent Esther G. Cruz, D.O., John R. Robinson, Johnson & Sylvan, Dallas, TX, for Respondent Johnson & Sylvan Physicians., C. Timothy Reynolds, Steed Flagg, Rockwall, TX, for Respondent Tyson H. Barnes, Jr., M.D., Robert D. Rosenbaum (Argued), Arnold & Porter, Washington, D.C., Michael T. Scott, Paul B. Kerrigan, Milind M. Shah, Reed Smith, Philadelphia, PA, Peter L. Zimroth, Arnold & Porter, New York, NY, for Respondent Wyeth Corp. f/k/a American Home Products Corporation., Mark A. Keene (Argued), Davis & Davis, Austin, TX, for Respondent Stella Kwong, M.D., Philip A. Sellers, Karotkin, Chase & Erwin, Houston, TX, for Respondents James Saxton, M.D., Raymond Neuman, M.D., Cornelia L. Agent, M.D. and Robert Carroll, M.D., Whitman B. Johnson, III, Currie, Johnson, Griffin, Gaines & Myers, Jackson, MS, for Amici-Respondents Alphonse M. Reed, M.D., et al., Honorable Harvey Bartle, III, Nominal Respondent.
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