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Conason v. Megan Holding, 14

In this case, plaintiffs are rent-stabilized tenants of an apartment in a residential building in Manhattan owned and operated by defendant Megan Holding. Plaintiff Conason asserted an overcharge claim against Megan Holding almost 5.5 years after she occupied the apartment under a vacancy lease. Judgment in favor of plaintiffs is modified without costs by remitting to Supreme Court, where: 1) CPLR section 213-a's four-year statute of limitations does not bar this claim; 2) because of the unrelated proof of fraud in the record, section 213-a merely limits tenants' recovery to those overcharges occurring during the four-year period immediately preceding Conason's rent challenge; and 3) the lawful rent on the base date must be determined by using the default formula devised by the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

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  • Decided 02/24/2015
  • Published 02/24/2015


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