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Robinson v. N. Pond Hunting Club, 5-06-0436

Denial of a complaint for partition of a land trust held by a hunting club which arose from the other members' desire to remove the plaintiff from the trust is reversed and remanded where: 1) the determination of the validity of the land trust was critical to the case and the court does not include any specific discussion of the validity of the trust document; 2) the omission of a termination period in the second trust instrument causes the trust to fail since it violates the rule against perpetuities; 3) the express terms of the revocation agreement were not met and thus the second land trust is null and void with the first trust still being intact; 4) plaintiff still retains his original 40 acres as a result and the trust its 120 acres; and 5) case is remanded to resolve any problems with paperwork and titles, the issue related to the construction of the cabin and the plaintiff's agreed to equitable mortgage.

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  • Decided 06/10/2008
  • Published 06/11/2008



  • Appellate Court of Illinois