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United States Fourth Circuit - February 2014 Opinion Summaries


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Pisano v. Strach

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Elections
In an as-applied challenge to North Carolina's May 17 petition-filing deadline for the formation of new political parties, the district court's...
02/27/2014 13-1368

US v. Strayhorn

United States Fourth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
Defendants' convictions for the robbery of P & S Coins and a second planned robbery of All American Coins are: 1) reversed in part, where there was...
02/26/2014 12-4487

Trans Energy, Inc. v. EQT Production Company

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Contracts, Oil and Gas Law, Property Law & Real Estate
In an action to quiet title arising out of competing claims of ownership to the gas rights underlying a 3,800 acre plot of land located in northern...
02/25/2014 12-2553

FTC v. Ross

United States Fourth Circuit
Antitrust & Trade Regulation, Cyberspace Law, False Advertising, Remedies
Judgment enjoining defendant from participating in the accused deceptive internet advertising practices and holding her jointly and severally liable...
02/25/2014 12-2340

Meyers v. Lamer

United States Fourth Circuit
Injury & Tort Law
Summary judgment for defendants in a negligence action in which plaintiff claims injuries suffered when he was working in a utility bucket positioned...
02/25/2014 13-1438

Clear Sky Car Wash LLC v. City of Chesapeake

United States Fourth Circuit
Administrative Law, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Property Law & Real Estate, Transportation
Dismissal of plaintiff's suit challenging defendant-city's actions in initiating a "quick take" proceeding of plaintiff's property as part of a...
02/21/2014 13-1492

US v. Robinson

United States Fourth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing
Defendant's 140-month sentence for cocaine distribution is affirmed, where: 1) defendant waived any argument regarding the district court's...
02/21/2014 12-4639

Taneja v. First Tennessee Bank NA

United States Fourth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law
In a bankruptcy case, where the trustee for the bankruptcy estates of the debtors filed an action to avoid and recover certain payments made by...
02/21/2014 13-1058

US ex rel. Rostholder v. Omnicare, Inc.

United States Fourth Circuit
Drugs & Biotech, Government Benefits, Government Law
Dismissal of a qui tam action brought under the False Claims Act (FCA), against his defendant-former employer alleging that defendants violated a...
02/21/2014 12-2431

Stevenson v. City of Seat Pleasant

United States Fourth Circuit
Civil Procedure, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Injury & Tort Law
In a 42 U.S.C. 1983 action alleging that defendant-officers assaulted plaintiffs, the district court's orders are: 1) reversed in part as to the grant...
02/21/2014 12-2047
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