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United States First Circuit - December 2017 Opinion Summaries


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Gitau v. Sessions

United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Evidence, Immigration Law
Denying the petition of a woman for review of a decision from the Board of Immigration Appeals dismissing her appeal from an Immigration Judge...
12/22/2017 17-1280P.01A

Singh v. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Immigration Law, Administrative Law
Affirming the dismissal of a complaint challenging the denial by the immigration services of an application for adjustment of status because the...
12/22/2017 16-1729

Eil v. US Drug Enforcement Administration

United States First Circuit
Health Law, Media Law
Reversing a district court decision relating to the release of private individuals' medical documents under the Freedom of Information Act in a case...
12/22/2017 16-2359P.01A

US v. Rivera Cruz

United States First Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirming that a plea agreement where the government argued for a sentence consistent with the representations made in the plea agreement had adequate...
12/22/2017 16-2398P.01A

Garcia Garcia v. Costco Wholesale Corporation

United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Labor & Employment Law
Affirming the entry of summary judgment to Costco in the case of a longtime employee who was terminated following the investigation into missing meat...
12/22/2017 17-1014P.01A

US v. Aiken

United States First Circuit
Evidence, Criminal Law & Procedure
Reversing and remanding a district court ruling that a man had a reasonable expectation of privacy under the Fourth Amendment in a motel room where he...
12/18/2017 17-1036P.01A

de la Cruz Rellana v. Sessions

United States First Circuit
Immigration Law
Dismissing the appeals of a married couple whose applications for voluntary departure were denied by the Immigration Judge on discretionary grounds,...
12/18/2017 16-2106P.01A

Skrabec v. Town of North Attleboro

United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Professional Malpractice
Affirming the summary judgment to the defense in a case alleging conspiracy, negligence, and malicious prosecution following the arrest of a student...
12/18/2017 17-1385P.01A

US v. Santiago Reyes

United States First Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirming the sentence of a criminal defendant because he argued that the district court should have dismissed a count in light of caselaw for which a...
12/15/2017 16-2071P.01A

US v. Valbrun

United States First Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirming the conviction of a man for drug-trafficking in a case where a substantial portion of the evidence came from wiretapped phone conversations...
12/15/2017 16-1806P.01A
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