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United States First Circuit - September 2017 Opinion Summaries


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Rife v. ONe West Bank

United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Property Law & Real Estate
Affirming the dismissal by the district court of an 8-count complaint against the financial institutions involved in the handling of a mortgage loan...
09/29/2017 16-1305P.01A

Depianti v. Jan Pro Franchising International Inc.

United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure, Labor & Employment Law
Affirming the district court's grant of summary judgment to the defendant on the principle of res judicata since the court was bound by a Georgia...
09/29/2017 16-2256P.01A

US v. Melendez Orsini

United States First Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirming the district court's acceptance of the change of plea by a defendant who later claimed that his guilty plea was not voluntary, intelligent,...
09/27/2017 15-2535U.01A

Remington v. US

United States First Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure
Vacating a judgment by the district court denying a motion relating to a criminal case in which the guilty plea included the waiver of the right to...
09/27/2017 16-2462P.01A

US v. Blodgett

United States First Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Sentencing, Constitutional Law
Affirming a sentence for child pornography and determining that the application of mandatory minimum sentencing to those with a prior conviction for...
09/27/2017 17-1034P.01A

US v. Mercado Flores

United States First Circuit
Judges & Judiciary, Criminal Law & Procedure
Vacating an order entered after the imposition of sentence in a criminal matter where the court ruled on a jurisdictional matter when it realized that...
09/22/2017 15-1859P.01A

In Re The Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico

United States First Circuit
Government Law, Bankruptcy Law, Debt Collection
Reversing the district court's denial of a motion for intervention by the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors in an adversarial proceeding...
09/22/2017 17-1831P.01A

Wilber v. Curtis

United States First Circuit
Civil Procedure
Affirming in part the grant of summary judgment dismissing a lawsuit filed by a Massachusetts property owner against three police officers for an...
09/20/2017 16-2250P.01A

US v. Parker

United States First Circuit
Evidence, Criminal Law & Procedure
Affirming the conviction of a felon for possession of ammunition and a firearm because the judge's failure to voir dire jurors individually about...
09/19/2017 16-1770P.01A

US v. Naranjo Rosario

United States First Circuit
Sentencing, Criminal Law & Procedure, Evidence
Affirming convictions for drug and gun offenses because the convictions were not the result of error, the admission of testimony by the handler of a...
09/15/2017 14-2140P.01A
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